12.06.10 [Pic] Rain & Lee Na Young on “Fugitive” set

by jax625


도망자Plan B…대망의마지막컷준비중…아끝났다…^^

7 Comments to “12.06.10 [Pic] Rain & Lee Na Young on “Fugitive” set”

  1. Wow I’m so surprised TjRachel that you brought it to this site and Six Two Five wordpress is allowing, it this is way to childish for me! I’ve never been on any blog sites before nor have been fixated on any man in my life I’ve never had to and I don’t now, I’m so sorry JiHoon I very much admire you and all the work you do, I feel your a gorgeous man inside and out and from what I have known of you since June of this year I also respect you. I will continue to support you buy your music and watch anything you have come out, I will also continue to pray for you and for you to have good health and stay safe. But I cannot been on a blog site and just let someone trash you and not say a thing! and even thought she has been a fan since 2008 she should show you more respect and if she has been on fugitive site during filming and did meet you thats even more reason she should respect you, unless you didn’t give her the response she was looking for? and thats why she is questioning your manhood!! Maybe you were with someone or didn’t find her to your liking and shes insulted. Thats a personal problem of hers. Again I am so sorry I have never been on any fan site and I now I never will be again. TO ALL: I have enjoyed mostly all of you and very much appreciate all the hard work that you all do. To ALL FUGITIVE CAST you are wonderful actors I very much enjoyed and loved the series you kept me on the edge weekly. Kajima Love ya your a sweetie, Moonrouge and Jax thanks so much for all your hard work. BUY!!!<333 MUCH LOVE! JIHOON/RAIN MUAH SWWET FRIEND!!!!!! HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAY ALL!!

  2. @Lotus6000 I have enjoyed communicating with you. I am not sure why you are upset but I hope you change your mind. I would love to continue to see your messages on other fansites that I have seen you on. I hope and would like to continue to see you around.

  3. @flower~

    i agree with you.!

    @ lotus~

    You’re very nice.Thank you so much and i hope to welcome you in my country. ^~*

  4. @kajima I am glad I connected with you on this site. You seem to be a very nice person. I love your picture.

  5. @kajima
    yes swetie we love u alot please come to vidsit rain site too the link i give when this site is over we would love to see u around then just FUGITIVE site please and i am also thankful and nice meeting here alot u are making all of us so happy we enjoy your hardworking of posting and sharing alot fun thing together u are the best we love to see again shell u !!
    HUG ! for everything u done my dear !1

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