12.06.10 [Art Work] The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade

by kajima


Special Thanks & Credit to Kongsao~

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7 Comments to “12.06.10 [Art Work] The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade”

  1. @Kongsao These pics are so beautiful. I love them all. A job well done! @Kajima thanks for posting this.

  2. @kongsao this might sound like a stupid question but this is Jinni in all the pics with Ji Woo? It she look different with short hair.

  3. @ Kongsao
    Very Nice !! Thanks for sharing.

    @ Flower

  4. @FLOWER
    thank u so much yes that was her it LNY
    yuo she does ekek ishe look more pretty too ahahah

  5. @jakima
    what is that u use is this a slide or something can u give the link i wanted have one on my blog so i can put all my ppic their please is your MSN on can u chat their thank u

  6. @kajima
    OMG this so true rain hace said it befor that he will have another flim as an pliot and their u goes the gril is pretty too she seeme like she aoriinal come from MBC Entertiment ahahah she is an ACTRESS this sound good yup i belive it his last flim and movie now i know why he did wanted to contiune a drama coa, they flim star JANUARY 2011
    such an GREAT NEWS i happy it been comfrim wooot 10million wrote for this blockbuster in US. i hope it wroted i belive in rain what ever he does it alway come to point of his sucess can”t wait to see this too thank my dear i happy now!!
    LOVE & HUG!!

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