12.04.10[Fun Pic] The Fugitive PlanB (EP.15)Fanmade

by kajima

credit to Happymimomo Blog ~

7 Comments to “12.04.10[Fun Pic] The Fugitive PlanB (EP.15)Fanmade”

  1. So funny!!!!! I wish I knew what was being said but it is still very funny.

  2. NO WORDS HERE I JUST ROFL and have a big time CUM that all
    jiwooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! 😆

  3. Love Rain’s drool and the blackhead strip on his nose…Rain really looks funny. Most of these were taken in Manila.

  4. Am really enjoying the pics…so funny and so relaxing to see Rain (eating pineapple; maybe drinking pineapple juice too) just like this especially on a Saturday night…and the whole weekend…you can go back and go back to it without getting tired of it.

  5. Every time I look at this I crack up.

    I have a question can someone tell me in what episode did MBLAQ make a cameo?

    • @ flower
      NOPE MBLAQ did have any cameo in this drama they say LJ was part of the drama and MBlaq too but never did so they propbuly change their after few epi when they get back in seoul and filming their plus not to mention that but some epi been completely cut off also so director have more to show us but why he did extension this drama not all of the epi here we watch are full i wondering why what make he change all this detail but, anway the stroy line was very so far so good i love everything i see up to epi 19
      dram it end where rain try to help LNY and LJJ was involt ahhaha can wait to see the ending i hope is a GOOD ending too coz alot korean drama alway give us unexpetecred ending i wish it was good this time !!
      @jax question the epi 20
      is show WED or THUR night ??
      i am not sure??

  6. The pillow pics………..So Damned Cute!!!

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