12.03.10 [Fanmade]Rain & LNY. MV.(Bang Bang Bang OST.]

by kajima

 Fanmade MV. Credit to Cyworld

16 Comments to “12.03.10 [Fanmade]Rain & LNY. MV.(Bang Bang Bang OST.]”

  1. Hi Jax,kongsao,Deb,Pluie625,tjrachel,Mar,flower,lotus,moonrouge ~
    only 1 week,So Sad!!

    Glad to meet you &Thanks for good relationship ^^

    @flower,i know you love this song !i found this mv.on Korea site.Enjoy!!!

  2. @kajima hi, I do love this song, thanks for posting the mv. I know it is sad that we only have 1 more week to enjoy this awsome drama. I will be so happy when all the episodes have been eng subed starting from episode 17. I know this site was based on the Fugitive and it is going to end. However, I hope this site stays up and we can continue to commuicate somehow. If not at least I will see you guys on other Rain sites like SixtoFive1982.wordpress and CloudUSA.

  3. i very love fanmade how it put together jiwoo and LNY together even though it bang bang bang but of rain boy Mblaq it even make the song more exposer to this drama wowo i love it so much and i could never see why this drama is not a number series of the years and
    @ Kajima
    @ FLOWER
    how r u doing and your week by
    sorry ladie i was alway of sick but i back did u MISS ME ??

    what ever kong !!
    kajima i love the fanart thank for givving to me ekeke HUG sweettie

  4. @kajima
    That’s an adorable looking little girl…and you’re so sweet. I’m glad to have met you too. I’ll miss you and all these lovely works of art, but hope you’ll be around even if the site ends. I hope I’ll still be around too. Thanks for a good relationship too, but most of all thanks for being true. Love ya…

  5. @tjrachel
    HELLO DEAR firend !!
    yes i was alway of getting sick i have a strong FEVER my head and nose are very HOT!!
    so that why i am out for a while i am okay now thank for asking u are very sweet person i know in this knowing u are my happy of it!!
    i glad i have a very good nursing myself i am missing rain for the pass one week and i am here again it ok no worries i am fine now i just hope even thought this drama end i jax would let it so fast either i very like everbody here esp kajima she very funny person i have NOT TALK TO HER in a whiile too hmmmmmmmmmm……. i wondering what she doing??
    but i know i hate to see this drama ending to soon also next week is the ending !! oh well i know rain is having alot thing to do then just filming this drama and another concert coming up too how i wish i can goes to rain farwell last concert and see him again !! 😦

    • @kongsao
      You had a very high fever? You sure you’re okay now? I really thought you went to China to see Rain again. I was absent from the site for about a week too. Just came back last Wednesday. Hey, take care of yourself more,okay? Keep warm…maybe seasonal changes. My week…I don’t know when is this gonna end, I almost irritable by Friday night. I just want to relax. Kajima’s works of art relaxes me. But really thanks for asking my friend, and I hope you’re okay.

  6. AWW Kajima, our time is almost over but its been a major blast!! Thanks so much my friend I’ve enjoyed the laughter 😀 , I’m really gonna miss you! The fanmade video is cool, Love the Rain card :D, and the little girl OH soooo cute makes me wanna cry. And I promise I will TRY to behave myself(girl scouts honor) hahahaha! Kajima don’t go far stay in touch, it seems I,m the only lotus around give me a holler anytime, we all travel in the same pack CLOUDUSA, SIX to FIVE 1982-wordpress, or the mv you made…. 🙂 ❤

  7. Hey Kongsao, Your sick too uh, I know the feeling one minute I feel ok the next I feel like I wanna pass out, I thought it was just a head cold but this time of the year who knows? Hope your better my sister!

  8. @Kajima,

    I love your pic.I am going to miss you guys. I enjoyed posting info abiut Fugitive: Plan B. When this is over I will be heart broken. But, I do know when one door closed another opens and I willl be looking for that open door. I hope to see your posts when I do I walk through a new BLOG door. Thanks for eveything Jax- you been wonderful. Thanks for the cute comments Kongsau, Lotus and Flower..I enjoyed reading them. K.I.T….

  9. I’ll be there !


    Picture Captions

  10. @kaijima
    OH MUCK !! :p)

  11. @Kongsao I did not know your were sick. I am so happy to hear that you are ok now. Yes I did miss you. I am happy to hear from you.

    @Jax625,Kajima,Kongsao,Tjrachel,Lotus6000,Moonrague it has been a pleasure to communicate with you guys on this site. I very much have enjoyed reading what you guys have posted. I will miss all of you guys so much. It is so funny to me how you can connect with people you have never met. I have developed a friendship connection with you guys. If this site closes down I hope we can continue to communicate from time to time over at other sites like CloudUSA and Sixtofive1982.wordpress ect….. @Jax625 thank you for this wonderful site. I am so happy I discovered it. You and the other people involved with putting this site together have done an awsome job. I hope somehow this site can continue but I know that probably want happen. Anyway it is so sad to think the Fugitive and this site will not exist anymore. Ok I am babbling on so I will end this now. Like I said I hope to keep in touch with all of you guys and also for anyone I forgot to list.

  12. @ kongsao,flower

    with my heart ~I Love Jax and i love you too my friend~~

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