12.01.10[Cap Pictures] Episode 18[-Fugitive: Plan B.

by moonrogue

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3 Comments to “12.01.10[Cap Pictures] Episode 18[-Fugitive: Plan B.”

  1. I cannot wait to see this episode. In the beggining of the drama there were two ladies that worked in Ji Woo’s office. There was this one funny lady that had blond hair. She was the lady that took all the weapons anyone had before they were allowd to see Ji Woo. What ever happen to that lady? All of a sudden there was only one lady and she never have any lines.

  2. Wow it’s looking good… Love the last pictures of JiWoo? and the leather he wore very nice.

  3. I have to be honest that I feel sorry for Rain involved himself in this kind of Production. He could get a better action drama series than this one… the rest of the cast can’t act as well as Rain (sorry to say)… and yet there so many bloopers in the series….

    Please stop this.. I don’t want to see my Rain sinking because of this kind of Production….
    Believe it or not.. every Wednesday and Thursday, I keep watching it and the more I see it the more I feel sorry for it… but since I call myself a true loyal fan of Rain, I promise myself to watch till the end and wish that he can get a better than this one in coming future…

    No offends guys….

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