11.28.10 [allkpop] “Fugitive” will not extend series

by jax625

The producers of KBS 2TV’s “Fugitive Plan B” dropped plans to extend the drama despite the requests from KBS.

A representative of “Fugitive” stated through a phone call with Newsen on November 27th, “KBS proposed that we should extend the show with about 4 more episodes.”

The representative continued, “However, we could not do so because some of the cast and staff members were not able to fit it into their schedules. We were also asked to extend the show by 2 episodes if 4 was impossible, but we had to give that up too.”

Currently, “Fugitive” has 3 episodes left. November 25th’s episode was postponed due to the broadcast of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, causing a bit of disorganization for the drama. Rumors of an extra episode followed, but it turned out to be false.

Source + Photo: Newsen //allkpop


7 Comments to “11.28.10 [allkpop] “Fugitive” will not extend series”

  1. Oh this is sad news to hear. I was hoping they would extend it. However, I do understand people have other commits, thats life. I will continue to watch and enjoy the remaining episodes. I will be sad on the day of the last episode.

  2. im sad too! not much time left for blogging here after all TT^TT what should we do hear after all is over? *sigh* we will at least continue to end of year ^-^

  3. Aw too bad. I love this show so much. Either way, I can’t wait for the DVD!

  4. i was so sad to hear that the drama will finish soon..
    i won’t see Rain anymore.. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.. T-T

  5. AWWWWW I understand but I don’t like it. T_T…….

  6. @lotus6000 I know I understand too but I do not like it. I so wish they could of extended it. I guess it was going to have to end one day. @jax625 what is going to happen to this site once the episodes are over? I really like this site and hope it can conitnue if possible.

  7. yes i hate extended stories this is the story just deal with it.
    haha JiHoon is busy lol It’s been so much fun you guys!!

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