11.27.10 [Info] Fugitive625 User Submitted Banners

by jax625

A BIG THANKS to everyone who has submitted banners so far, we really love all of them!

If you would like to submit your Fugitive625 banner, there is still plenty of time!  For more info on banner size and where to send it, please click here >>


Our latest banner was made by our dear friend Eva! Below you can view all of our previously used banners submitted by our readers, thanks again

~there are plenty more to come so stay tuned!

banner by RainInTheCloud

banner by fmrainlove

banner by ieynaraina
banner by Hikari18

5 Comments to “11.27.10 [Info] Fugitive625 User Submitted Banners”

  1. omg I can’t believe you put my banner up thx guys

  2. @Eva I love your banner. You did a great job. To all the other people who have submitted banners I think everyone has done an awsome job. Each was top notch work.

  3. These are all so cool.

  4. nice i love them all thank for sharing this very cool art

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