11/26/10 [Pic] More photos of Fugitive: Plan B & Rain.

by moonrogue

Credit: Hancinema


2 Comments to “11/26/10 [Pic] More photos of Fugitive: Plan B & Rain.”

  1. Very nice pictures. My absolute favorite is the first stirp of pics. I love that whole scene. That whole scene is so hart warming and touching. I love the pics when Rain comes up and hugs Jinni from behind. The way she was crying, the concern look on his face, the tear drop, the way he hugged her, all showed that he was hurting for her. That he really loved her. Man that scene is one of my favorite scenes. Thier acting was above top notch. LNY definitely should win an award for the best crier in a drama ever. The way she cries is so deep. You cannot help but feel her pain. I am so excited watching them fall in love. As a couple they are so addictive. I hope they appear in something else.

  2. The scene were LNY is crying and just at a lost and how JiWoo comforts her was so touching, and I Would love JiWoo to style ladies clothe for me? HAHAHAHAHAHA, So cute 🙂

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