11/24/10[Pic] Rain & Lee Na Young @ The Fugitive: Plan B.

by moonrogue

Credit: DC & Ratoka


2 Comments to “11/24/10[Pic] Rain & Lee Na Young @ The Fugitive: Plan B.”

  1. I just love how they have Rain and LNY dressed. I love the clothes they wear. They are always so fashionable. Since both of them are so tall they wear clothes so well. They really look so attractive together. I cannot wait to see this episode and see what is going on. It look like they are going to have another awsome car.

  2. @flower
    yup look like it going to be another one of Hyundia car again wooot rain very stole all these car look i mean he can present of the enduser and yet as a cf of this while he shooting this drama dran they very bring everything to top here the car, the screnery shooting place, the style they wear and even aamazing OST too this drama very have such a HIGHT QUAILTY !! that we should never miss a bit of any of these epi right??
    look like rain & LNY are together afterall and what happen to Kai i am dying to watch this tonight ahahah can”t wait here!!

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