11/24/10 The Fugitive: Plan B, staff’s post on Twitter “Rain is not a World Star for Nothing”!

by moonrogue

역시지훈인월드스타….그늦은밤 외진세트에 팬들이200명이나왔다…대단혀~~~정말…이난리통에…밤세촬영에토나왔을텐디..역시지훈!!인정…..ㅎ광저우폐막식두 문제없것어…

‘Ji Hoon’ (Rain) is not a world star for nothing.

A large crowd of his two hundred fans from Japan, were on the set that was totally deserted late that night..

It is saying a great deal~~~

He was really able to perform to the best of his ability even in a difficult situation where he seemed to feel like throwing up, staying up nearly all night shooting the drama in the midst of this confusion.

I must avow that after all, ‘Ji Hoon’ is a world star !!

ㅎ So I think it’s an easy task for him even to participate in the closing ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games

credit to http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=

3 Comments to “11/24/10 The Fugitive: Plan B, staff’s post on Twitter “Rain is not a World Star for Nothing”!”

  1. Rain is such a hard worker. Even though I do not know him personally. I am so proud of him.

  2. agreed 100% rain truly inspiration of his hardowking sacifie alot and over less tried and overwork on his hardworking drama fugitive and he never regret one bit that how envy i admire he is even japan fans went doen to suport him during this kind of confusion. i very sulated rain for all the he did not to mention he even about to threw but he even loss alot weigh and got sick also !! is is out truly world star INDEED nobody can supass his suceed and hardeorking rain just above the next LEVEL truly amazing and spectacular! His Achievements said it all and i alway supoorting to the end [promies as well !! WELL SAID!!

  3. JiHoon always thinks of others before himself, this is good and bad because then who makes sure he stops and is being taken care of? And YES! JiHoon is a world star and the BEST! 😀

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