11/24/10 [Pic] Rain & Company

by moonrogue

Credit: DC & Ratoka


5 Comments to “11/24/10 [Pic] Rain & Company”

  1. I love Rain style he is so fashionable.

  2. @flowers
    differenly he pull all kind style they are became rain model ha ha ha !!
    i love the fact rain keep his collugue goind as unqune that how he making his body look so sexy , hot, cool, simply gergous u name the man called it all !! liove it !!

  3. btw… the guy with was RAIN living according to Suspected hit song in 2008 when five series of photos (hair)
    The words written on the back door “Managing director at executive offices”
    Administrative Office of the Managing Director

  4. JiHoon looks really good in purples and royal blue with his skin color rich jewel tones are great on him.

  5. Hey ya’ll …it’s almost over.
    It’s been fun yah? Luv that last photo I like to see him casual ..ahh oh JJH the thoughts you provoke.

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