11.24.10 [Soompi] Rain and Daniel Henney Kiss??

by jax625

No, not really. ^_~ But some very fun-filled pictures of Rain and Daniel Henney have been revealed. The pictures show the two of enjoying a short break while filming the current drama, “The Fugitive: Plan B”.

In the drama, Ji Woo (Rain) and Kai (Daniel Henney) are in a love triangle with Jin (Lee Na Young) and are both very sensitive about it. Kai is so sensitive to the point that he shows fierce displeasure when Ji Woo lays even a finger on him. However, in the picture, the two look as friendly as any two people can be.

The picture was posted on the drama’s viewer forum and people posted replies saying things like, “They’re enemies on screen but really very close. How heartwarming!”

“The Fugitive: Plan B” has only four episodes left and the love triangle is predicted to get even hotter. Don’t miss it!

Credit: j3npark@soompi

Source: Daum


9 Comments to “11.24.10 [Soompi] Rain and Daniel Henney Kiss??”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You guys are so fun and silly, I’m glad you all are having fun in between filming. 🙂 But JiHoon I’m I gonna have to defend you on this one too? You know what I mean? HAHAHAHAHA And you know what don’t explain nothing to anyone! Just do you!!!! Muah Friend!

  2. Hallo JAX)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I’M FREEE~~~~~~~~~~ HAHAHAHA~~~

    Have a nice day & Happy together with our guys friend ~~~

    Nice Song “when will i see you again”

    Click : http://player.56.com/deux_103170276.swf

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thank You! I agree very nice song! Love the pigs 😀

  4. Thanks so MUCH!!! N/P 🙂 MUAH FRIEND!

  5. @kajima thanks for the video. That was a great video.

  6. OMG!!
    rain so silly here he so open to everything gosh he very not nornal i am craking up rain very like to bring the charming and harlious thing he love to make us all craking up if not he sure put the smile on us geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rain how it like ri daneuil did he scream like a women too ahahah :P)
    rain is enjoy his fun along his flilming i belive the director and the rest of the staff mush puase a min and ROFL see rain kiss Daneil here AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !! 😆 CUM !!

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