11.24.10 [KBS] Rain,Daniel Henny,LNY.,LJJ. Fugitive PlanB Official Pics

by kajima


Watch MV.”When I Will  See You Again”

Click   http://player.56.com/deux_103170276.swf

Source : KBS.Official Site

11 Comments to “11.24.10 [KBS] Rain,Daniel Henny,LNY.,LJJ. Fugitive PlanB Official Pics”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jung you and Daniel are nuts! so funny! off time fun or work? HAHAHA:D Kajima you always take such perfect pictures? no clowning for you huh? You guys are the BEST! 🙂

  2. Kajima Fighting!!!!!!!!

    For Jax and Friends .~~~~~~

  3. Kajima, HAHAHAHAHAHA Your funny thank you so cute and sweet.

  4. @Kajima, Jax, Kongsao, and Lotus6000 good morning. Kajima you actually took these pics you posted or am I misunderstanding @lotus6000 comment? Wow I love these pics! OMG Rain and Daniel are goof balls! I laughed so hard. It is so nice to see that they actually like each other and get alone so well. I love Daniel but I did not think he had this type of humor. This makes me love him even more. Rain and Daniel must really be close or at least really cool. I just love the fashion on this drama. I love that dress LNY has on. I swear I want to steal almost every pair of shoes she wears. Her shoes are so hot.

  5. @ Flower, HAHAHA Sorry thats not what I meant, Ok did you realize Kajima is Lee Jung? And I was saying his pictures are always NORMAL and LAID BACK with a perfect SMILE, And they all get along really well. And thank you, You also have a good day! Kajima good night! HAHAHAHA

  6. @lotus6000 Oh I misunderstood what you were saying. What do you mean Kajima is Lee Jung. Are you saying Kajima is the actor Lee Jung Jin in the fugitive? LOL, I am confused now!! If this is what you are saying I had know idea.

  7. @Flower, HAHAHAHA Really I didn’t think you would take that serious, I’m sorry 🙂 But I was saying his pictures are all normal not goofy. again I’m sorry. just crazy day!

  8. @flower , lotus)))))))

    HAHAHAHAHA ~~~~~~~

    Happy together ~~ “When will i see you again”

    Click : https://fugitive625.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/11-24-10-soompi-rain-and-daniel-henney-kiss/#comment-3592

  9. I’ll behave promise (girl scout honor) HAHAHAHAHAHA 😀

  10. @lotus6000 girl donot worry about it. You are so funny, I am laughing so hard. LOL, I really thought you were for real. I needed a laugh today, you made my day!

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