11.24.10 [D/L] The Fugitive: Plan B Ep.17 (NO Subs)

by jax625

**UPDATED w/ new link**

source: wakkitakki@rainlegend

This is Fugitive Episode 17 raw version.  (Credit kpopella for the file. )

I will update with softsubs when they become available.  Will also return with MF sharefolder links when those are finished uploading

MU:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2H3NS3RU *

MF:  Processing

*If it says unavailable, please wait a bit and re-try.  All servers are quite busy & have been over the past couple of days.  My theory is that its because a lot of people in USA are off for the Thanksgiving holiday and getting on the internet

~thanks for the updated link wakkitakki!


One Comment to “11.24.10 [D/L] The Fugitive: Plan B Ep.17 (NO Subs)”

  1. Hi there! I’ve made a different MU link that I need you to use instead.


    Neither link is showing accessible at the moment for unknown reasons. However, the new link that I’ve just given you should start working more quickly and is clearly a link that only I made for the Episode with credit to kpopella for the original file.


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