11.23.10 [Fanmade] Lee Jung Jin &Yun Jin Seo Fugitive PlanB Kiss Scence

by kajima





8 Comments to “11.23.10 [Fanmade] Lee Jung Jin &Yun Jin Seo Fugitive PlanB Kiss Scence”

  1. Hello Jax,Kongsao,tjrachel,flower,lotus & everyone ~~

    Have a nice day

    Just For Fun!!!!!!. HAHAHA!!

  2. Love them :x. Thank u.

  3. omo…im jealous >.< hahahahaha! really i love this couple together! thanks kajima ^^

  4. I love them together as a couple. I loved their kiss together. I was surpirsed because YJS actually parted her lips some and kissed him back.

  5. @kajima
    i bet u so envirious of LJJ kiss here right i bet the HOT KISS he got here trun u on coz i am jelious that rain could even supass LJJ in fugitive awawawaw what happen mr> kwak why agin rain kiss like this why it that is he the one main character grrrrrrrrrr!!
    i am againze kajima shreding her tearing say L.E.E. J.U.N.G. J.I.N.
    why it not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee instread ekekekek am joking ahahah :0)

  6. HAHAHAHA GO On with your bad self Kajima!!! See you got your lip lock on before JiWoo brother 😀 . AWE thank you and ALL OF YOU PLEASE STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!! :-} My Love And Prayers are With You. ^^

  7. @Kajima thanks for the hello. For give me I forgot to say hello back. So hello back to you!!!!!

  8. huhuhuhuhu ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANKS ~~~~~

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