11.23.10 [EngTrans] Rain showing Herculean in the Philippines

by jax625

by : Ryan Moon

On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, @moonbeards said:


For the first time in a long time, I’ve posted an episode..^^

‘Ji Hoon’ hyung (Rain) and ‘Jung Jin’ hyung (Lee Jung Jin) used their break time to start limbering up at a fitness center just next to the drama set at that time when we shot a party scene in the Philippines ㅋㅋ

As you can see in the photo, ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung pulled the exercise machine up to the very bottom part of it !!

While drinking the water, standing over him, I was amazed at his Herculean strength. .ㅋㅋ

‘Jung Jin’ hyung’s surprise was plainly written on his face. But then, ‘Jung Jin’ hyung did it the way ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung did it, too. Undoubtedly, both of them have very strong legs~^^ㅋㅋ

A person that I know of hurt his back emulating the two and became bedridden. ㅋㅋ

So everyone, please don’t try this at home.!!


Eng.translation by rain bird.


4 Comments to “11.23.10 [EngTrans] Rain showing Herculean in the Philippines”

  1. It looks like a leg press machine. I have done a leg press machine before. Most people should be able to use it, you just have make ABSOLUTELY SURE you put only the amount of weight you can safely push up or you can strain a muscle.

  2. I have went to gym alot back then and that is one heavy weight that u can adjust it too but to me it is to strong i could even use that one so i went to goes for aomething else i was a bit suprise that i actually a gym person and love exceries as well now i so think about how rain is so i very enjoy watching exceries coz these guy know how to keep his ficail and health alive no wondering his body sometime thin and thick ahah i wouls love to see rain have that muscular back 6 pack and a real define looking man to much i just perfect for him ahahah !! dam rain are showin gLJJ a Herculean strength if walk pass by see him doing this i not going to any engry at all fanit right their awawaw !! :P)

  3. Go ahead JiHoon!! I have to say this kinda doesn’t surprise me, with him always striving to improve himself this is quite understandable. Not only that but dang all the muscle in his thighs say it all.

  4. SWEET!!!!!

    Thanks Ryan Moon ^ ^

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