11.23.10 [allkpop] MBLAQ’s 2nd track for ‘Fugitive’, “Bang Bang Bang” released

by jax625

Last month, the boys of MBLAQ released a track and MV titled “Running & Running” for the KBS 2TVdrama ‘Fugitive’ (aka ‘Runaway Plan B’). Now, the boys are back with a track titled “Bang Bang Bang” for the 2nd OST (soundtrack) of ‘Fugitive’.

The boys are set to return in January 2011 but in the mean time you can check out the preview and drama cut of the track below and remember to support them by purchasing the music.


video source: absolutemblaqchannel

additional notes:

Purchase the song via Soribada using paypal!

Please refer here for the tutorial

Let’s support MBLAQ!!


9 Comments to “11.23.10 [allkpop] MBLAQ’s 2nd track for ‘Fugitive’, “Bang Bang Bang” released”

  1. MBLAQ is an awsome group. I love both of the songs they have released from the OST for Fugitive. This group is very talented.

  2. i very love the song of them the MBlaq boy very grew up and they are more talen and improve alot these day yeaho for rain and the boy very make you fugitive OST the best i love both of runing _ runing & Bang Bang Bang they both ROCK!!


  4. @Kongsao, thanks my sister 🙂 The boys are really good!

  5. @kongsao thanks girl. Yes MBLAQ is a talented group of guys. Did you get my response to the friendship question?

  6. @kongsao girl I know that the video is suppose to be about showcasing MBLAQ. I really do love that song. However, that video perfectly shows off the lovely, firm, hot, sexy booty that Rain has. Man It was like it was in my face every where I looked. Also, I cannot forget to mention the thing he did with his tongue when he jumped on the train. I will be bookmarking this video so I can go back and watch it over and over.

  7. @flower

    the one u leaveme and also leave the question on the Ultruamn right i did respond on that one and yes i am happy to be your firend as is !!
    yup it was very popluar long time agao
    also korean have to man a flim in movies about that i have ssen some clip of his it very funny i like watching something like when it was back then their is cartoon & movies for both ahah

  8. @Kongsao Yes that was the post. I had for got what post you had asked me that so I thought I would ask here. Ok then we are all good.

  9. running and running still the best..
    dun really like this song..

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