11.22.10 [Pics] Rain & Lee Na-Young Filming “The Fugitive Plan B” On Cruise Ship

by dsl99a

Credit: Ratoka


3 Comments to “11.22.10 [Pics] Rain & Lee Na-Young Filming “The Fugitive Plan B” On Cruise Ship”

  1. yeah dude how i wish i on that curise too rain look EXTREMLY HOT in that outfit blck fulll color it so tone in his body & skin ahahah my yummy delcious feed today ekekek :P)
    gosh rain stand sexy among all of them i mean what can i say jiwoo just to dran looking good a man stole all women heart and i would love to invated into his life ahahahah IN MY DREAM ha ha ha !! 🙂
    if i ever see rain on a cursie i differnly will serch a room number or when he come to eat i will try to set next to him but no distrubling rain nope i will have him have his own peace and enjoy his eating i just have to stare and look at him ahahha also i will took all my change to ask rain for an altograph too if he is free ahhaah love it thank u for sharing this was in BUSAN !!

  2. Very nice I’m enjoying all the locations and beautiful scenery, awe the life of an entertainer there is at least some good upsides of it. 🙂

  3. Beautiful City ” Busan” LOL~

    Hope to visit there again soon ^ ^.~

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