11.22.10 [News] Runaway: On the run for four more episodes?

by kajima

Looks like Runaway: Plan B is gearing up for a possible extension, upping the episode count from 20, to 24. It’s somewhat surprising that KBS wants to extend, given that the ratings aren’t exactly where they’d like, for such a star-studded cast and big-budget production.

But the middling ratings (hovering around 12.2% this week, TNS) aren’t the only factor in greenlighting the extension. For one, the drama has a loyal and vocal fanbase (Rain fans are no joke) and it’s being praised for the overall story and look, described as “fresh.” I don’t think that the look is all that new, but I do enjoy the tone of it, now that we’re actually in the thick of Ji-woo’s emotional journey. (Whereas the first few episodes just focused on the slick, thereby losing a good chunk of the audience, methinks.)


Another factor in pushing for the extension is KBS’ next drama on the Wednesday-Thursday slate: Choi Su-jong‘s President, which they understandably don’t want to premiere against Daemul‘s strong first-place showing, with such a similar premise to boot. It seems smart to extend Runaway through to the end of Daemul‘s run, giving President a chance to scoop up Daemul‘s audience.

Storywise, I don’t mind the extension because Runaway is finally getting good. It was mildly amusing before, but now that Ji-woo and Jin-yi are working together, the chemistry and goofy antics are adorable (see below). It’s become less run-run-run, and more character-centric, so I’m much more invested in the main storyline, and each episode’s table-turning twist.

The production crew and cast are in talks to weigh the decision, and Runaway Episode 17 airs Wednesday, November 24.

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9 Comments to “11.22.10 [News] Runaway: On the run for four more episodes?”

  1. Wow! fugitive extension that’s really a good news!! I love it so much!!

  2. this that the case i am very prouds to hear it extended but what i hear it wasn”t extended the writter say NOPE!!
    sad for me and i hate to say it ending !!
    Ji-woo and Jin-yi are working together, the chemistry and goofy antics are adorable (see below). It’s become less run-run-run, and more character-centric, so I’m much more invested in the main storyline, and each episode’s table-turning twist
    yeah me too i am dting on this drama and i love Jiwoo & yinyi together they like a true match real couple if posible i would love to see tthem 2 again in furture drama that me ahahah

  3. @Kongsao this would be awsome if it is really true. I am going to hold back on my excitment to wait to see if it is officialy announced. Yes I have been saying this all along. Rain and LNY have the perfect chemistry. They make the perfect couple in this drama. They look so attractive together and just fit. The type of characters that they are playing you want to see fall in love and be together. I too would love to see them in another drama or movie. I really enjoy watching them interact. Thier relationship is so hot to me. Fingures crossed that it will be extended and they will be able to explore thier relationship more.

  4. Also, can someone tell me what or who Rain imitating when he put his fingures over his eyes like in the picture above. Someone said he is imitating Jinni when she had the binoculars. Someone said he is imitating batman. I thought he said something about ultraman, who ever that is. It is so funny when he does this. Does anyone have a clue to what or who he is imitating?

  5. @flower
    rain was imitating an Ulraman
    it a korean called ” ultraman taro” but in korea, its known as jetman
    rain was joking witth LNY coz their was a party and he imspire with the scare of rain behalf of his laughting on her but she think rain was none joke ahahah to me rain such a adroable person i love his personailty it keep me smile straight ekekekek 🙂 and again he doing that lultraman look at her to keep sshe smile and lught but she did not even cought rain a bit ahah !!

  6. @flower
    btw… i am happy to know that u are rain fans and lover and suporting and more imspire of him i glad that u give such a reveal though about rain it make me like u and wanted to be u firend too would u mind if i ask to be your firend the fact when i read all u comment it telling me that u are so admire our man rain that making me happy and thank u fior suporting and encourage for rain is HUG!! 🙂

  7. @Kongsao You come across like a very nice person. From the comments you have posted I know you are a huge supporter of Rain. You have so much love for Rain. We have that in common. So yes I would love to be your friend.

    Ok are you saying he was imitating a character name Ultraman? You say the Korean call it Jetman who calls it Ultraman Taro? Is this a popalur cartoon character?

  8. @flower
    yup it was very popluar long time agao
    also korean have to man a flim in movies about that i have ssen some clip of his it very funny i like watching something like when it was back then their is cartoon & movies for both ahah

  9. AWE HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 (now I’m dancing) KBS I BOW! 🙂 Kajima, even though I don’t agree with all you said about the show, I’m still happy enough to hug you 🙂 (HUG!) And as far as Rain’s fans, hahaha YOU ARE SO RIGHT! 😀

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