11.22.10 [KBS] Final Showdown Escalates Tension In “The Fugitive”

by dsl99a

The blockbuster show “The Fugitive: Plan B” is heading toward a final showdown as it winds down.

In the November 18 episode, Ji-ni (Lee Na-young) decides to face off against Yang Doo-hee (Song Jae-ho), the evil man who murdered her parents for gold bullions, after succeeding in taking the gold away from Do-soo (Lee Jung-jin), a police detective who hid it away after finding out his boss let Doo-hee get away with murder.

Without letting Ji-woo (Rain), a private detective whom she has hired and fallen in love with, Ji-ni goes to the police chief, who serves as an informant for Doo-hee, and tells him to inform Doo-hee that she has the gold and that he should call her within 24 hours if he wants to get it.

Leaving the police station, Ji-ni informs Ji-woo over a wiretapping device that Ji-woo placed on Ji-ni’s jacket. She has known about the device from the beginning. She says, “Don’t worry about me. Seeing the gold, I just became concerned that you may take it all and leave me. I thought it may be better to leave you before I come to suspect and distrust you. I don’t want you to take a risk for me any more.”

Ji-ni alone waits in anxiety for Doo-hee to call her. But he advertently calls her after the deadline she set, and she tells him, “You ignored the deadline, so it’s over between you and me.” With plots to set her up, Doo-hee sends a text message notifying the time and place at which they will meet by text message to Ji-ni, as well as Kai (Daniel Henney) and Ji-woo. He wants to get rid of all three of them at one location and hires a sniper.

This development has heightened curiosity and tension about the ending of the show. Viewers said on the drama board that they cannot wait to see how Ji-woo and Ji-ni escape the danger this time and who will rise as the ultimate victor.

Writer: TV Report

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/TVRadio/BehindtheDrama/view.html?No=736


2 Comments to “11.22.10 [KBS] Final Showdown Escalates Tension In “The Fugitive””

  1. ahahahah so true rain is a hungry money in this drama i am craking up ROFL Lol….. 😆
    how jiwoo alway rub his finger for extra big pay for him i like rain in here the way he reaction and act good lord he such a dark yet cute too yeah jiwoo love money !!
    LNY think jiwoo took the money and leave her ahahah Lol…. i would think so he even hid one gold bar in his cloth but LNY know jiwoo for good he even took and put it back for her aahah !! anway coz that hungry money that how he becaome her Detective for LNY and this is how the story beging ahahah !!
    cannot wait to see how Ji-woo and Ji-ni escape the danger this time and who will rise as the ultimate victor.
    yeah me toooooooo i could wait either that ending make me so curious what happen and how does they escape it oooh the more it getting better the more i expected to extended ahahah why??

  2. AH Man I just am looking so forward to the next one I’m sure JiWoo and Jinni will be victorious! 🙂

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