11.22.10 Fanmade Rain & Lee Na Young The Fugitive Plan B Ji woo & Jini

by kajima


Fanmade  Rain & Lee Na Young The Fugitive Plan B (Ji woo & Jini)

Credit Naver Blog


8 Comments to “11.22.10 Fanmade Rain & Lee Na Young The Fugitive Plan B Ji woo & Jini”

  1. Thanks very much Naver Blog. I am so in love with these pictures. They all are so beautiful. I feel Rain and LNY make a perfect couple in the drama. They are so attractive together and they have the perfect chemistry. They come across like a real couple. You can really feel the love between them. I love watching them interact because it is so sweet, warm hearted, exciting, and fun.

  2. Very nicely done, JiWoo looks very stunning in that tux and I really love the new hair cut extremely handsome!! Also Jin Yi sister you are wearing those clothes, and love the shoes! 🙂

  3. so much beautiful pictures
    both of them looks very cute

  4. @lotus6000 yes LNY she does wear her clothes well and I love most of her shoes. The shoes they have her wearing are to die for. Those shoes are so hot!!

  5. @lotus600
    yeah i feeling u sister and that waht show her the styless and cornidated in her look and style i love the fact in this dram rain & LNy have got so much attractive from top to toes and all his outfit and acting and yet they way how they dress code him differnly a fans and eye watch will buy it!!
    i love her straight threw the epi i mean this one briliant drama that i ever see in life!!
    also that pict of rain gos IT TO DIE FOR and killer look and he so EXTREMLY STUNNING
    @ lotus6000
    ahahah was that my word sister ah ah aha !!
    i bet we all die for this man and he sure stole our heart over and over !! :P)

  6. Oh my babe is SOOO BEAUTIFUL it hurts! This is great hair cut indeed. He can spike it up or lay it smooth, very versatile…………..

  7. @ Kongsao, HAHAHAHA it’s a good word sister (stunning). 🙂

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