11.22.10 [Event] The Fugitive PlanB Location Traveling

by kajima

Source  : www.modetour.com

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11 Comments to “11.22.10 [Event] The Fugitive PlanB Location Traveling”

  1. KAJIMA! thanks for all the news this morning!!!! xoxoxoxoxo’s

    how was your weekend???

  2. Hello Jax,Kongsao,Mar,tjrachel,flower & everyone !

    How are you frend?

    today i found this event on cyworld site ! SORRY! i don’t understand in Korean much HAHAHA~

    For SURE I want to visit Fugitive PlanB Location


    but i NO MONEY HAHAHA !!!!!

    SO SAD !!!!!!!

  3. Hello right back to you Kajma my friend. Nice to see you back on here, you were missed. Also, like to say hello to Jax, Kongsao, Mar, and Tjrachel. I hope everyone is having a good morning.

    • @flower Hello! how are you?! I had a busy weekend with the family(went to the zoo), now trying to re-adjust this morning @.@ need more coffee i think!

      @kajima miz u tooo!!!!!!!! sleep well ❤

      @everyone i hope you all had a great weekend! xoxo

  4. JAX))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    MIZ You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good Morning Jax,flower,Kongsao ~~~

    and Good night for me hehe ~~~~~ BYE~~~~

  6. @kajima
    You r back! Good Morning!

  7. @kajima
    HELLO KAJIMA RIGHT BACK @ YOOU TOO !! I MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)))))))))))))))))))i miss babe how u and your LJJ going my dear )))))))))))))))))))))))
    we all miss u alot i glad u around and i know u alway found some animation to keep us craking here ahahah i am with u babe nice one today !!
    same here kajima ‘
    i WISH i have all that pocket money too i very wanted to have FUGITIVE TOURS with that 7 city they are at ahahah if i do or won a lotto
    i will invite kijima, flower, tjrachel, jax me, to the world tour of FUGITIVE no kidding guys!!
    how was your ZOOOOOOOOOOOOO going haveing alot fun and how was your twin doing sweeties i know u alway a great mon and yet here posting all these u are & kajima are doing such a great job thank u for hard working HUG !!

  8. Hello Kajima…. Hello Jax…. Hope you both had a nice weekend and have a wonderful week!

  9. @ Kongsao ^ ^

    HAHAHA!!! OK!!!!!!!!! LOTTO..LOTTO !!!!!!!!

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