11.22.10 [2 Clips] The Fugitive PlanB Shooting@Manila

by kajima

Credit to Cyworld.!

6 Comments to “11.22.10 [2 Clips] The Fugitive PlanB Shooting@Manila”

  1. I am impressed with the first video. That is Rain stund double correct?

  2. I meant to say stunt double correct?

  3. @Kajima I often wonder if it was Rain or his stunt double who was walking from the scene when the yellow bike blew up. So was that Mr. Hak or Rain walking away from the explostion?

  4. @flower
    the vid you see their that actually Mr. Hak
    but in the drama FUGITIVE is rain STUN for real this one is he showing a stun for rain on his cast of shoooting it was a real stun in the drama and the one u it was rain who walking from explostion it was REAL RAIN !!
    MR. Hak just show rain how it work and a little of his stun but don”t worry every thing u see in the drama it a real rain he did it himself this just a clip of some fan fancam it not that rain nope!!
    but what u see in fugitive drama yes that is him of the STUN !!

  5. So awesome! I was hoping this wasn’t JiHoon doing these stunts because this is very dangerous stuff, but in the same instincts I can’t believe he broke the bike? HAHAHAHAHAHA so funny!!! Thanks for the info Kajima 🙂

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