11.21.10 [Pics] Rain @ The Fugitive Plan B set

by jax625

credit: myjanggun @ twitter +naver blog+DC



5 Comments to “11.21.10 [Pics] Rain @ The Fugitive Plan B set”

  1. This is so cool, just have a question, how do you shoot in a mall and control the women? you must do this at night or very early morning? Sorry just one other thing please 🙂 Just how cold is it?

  2. @lotus6000 I did not even notice it was a mall. He does look like he is walking fast. So maybe they did it real fast or at night like you said. Yes they all have on coats, how cold is it?

  3. i am glad rain good his all warmed coz in korean it very a below degree and if this was to shot in the mall i bet all of them are so spizzing what rain shooting ofcurse u not going to see but i feel the yealling and scream toward all up in my eart to ear ahahah look love his coat alot that is very cool look of rain !!

  4. i love u rain….. this movie..This time the movie really cool story,

    rain is well suited to play in this movie

  5. in Indonesia the film first appeared, about whether there is more rain the latest movie this year?

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