11.21.10 [Pics] Fugitive Plan B Cast & Crew

by jax625

credit : http://twitter.com/jnamyoul // naver blog


6 Comments to “11.21.10 [Pics] Fugitive Plan B Cast & Crew”

  1. Nice pics and Rain look so cute.

  2. Seriously Jung JiHoon, you are so gorgeous! I know its unrealistic but if you never wear sunglasses again in a picture I will be so happy! And James Bong? hahaha your killing me! you and Foo Wong make me cry with laughter. So GOOD!!

  3. AWE look at those gorgeous eyes…….hmmm :)) Thanks Kajima! 😀

  4. I love the style of glasses that he wears. However, he should never wear glasses again or at least not as often. He does have some very nice eyes. For some reason it feels like he is looking right at me literally ( Im not crazy) It is just the way he is looking. He look so darn adorable in this pic. I can look at this pic for ever.

  5. ahahah so cute and very gergous
    love the way he give the brigh up look and dran is he just straight answer to you i bet i be crounding to rain and say please don”t smiller at me like that i am going to die SLOWLY………..~!!

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