11/20/10 [Pics] Fugitive Pics: Hot, Spicy and more Rain! Episode 42.

by moonrogue

Credits: Ratoka & Rainsnow

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10 Comments to “11/20/10 [Pics] Fugitive Pics: Hot, Spicy and more Rain! Episode 42.”

  1. I hate seeing him hurt, so hard to look at. I’ve always been very athletic and I’ve pulled and torn muscles and ligaments so I know the pain involved. Please take care and be careful SWEET FRIEND!

  2. @lotus6000 I know I hate seeing him hurt to, it is so hard to look at. Rain is such a extremely hard worker. I hope and pray he take care of himself. I want to see him around and performing for alot longer. In the second picture shown where he had the blue suit on he look like Bruce Lee a little.

    • @ Flower, I LOVED Bruce Lee(RIP) he was the MASTER! But JiHoon is so much prettier, and even though Mr Lee had a body that was completely toned and full of muscle, JiHoon is THE MAN!. (SMILES 😀 ).

  3. thay RAIN dau nhu vay, toi thi thay xot lam rat lo cho RAIN mong anh hay cham soc ban than minh that tot EM LOVE ANH much

  4. @lotus & flower ‘
    yes u guy mee too
    i hate to see rain hurt alot esp who are give such the best work he ever can he is such totally EXTREMLY hardworker that no other artis can SUPASSING him i truly give rain an prop for all that even wild we know rain is known as outstnding to effor he blow us and the aduiance that any other have seeme and yes he rain have that MASTER PICESE that we all going to dyi watching him in everything count me in and when came to rain trus me the man show the best INEED AMEN to his all his hardworking !!

  5. Rain sounded like it was really painful…

  6. Do anyone think he looks like Bruce Lee in the second pic of him with the blue suite on? @tjrachel Rain did sound like it was really painful. He was so determined to complete the scene. He is such a dedicated hard worker. Even the director was looking at him like are you ok. Did you see him clap happly when the scene was a wrap. I clapped loud to because I was glad he was finished and he could go rest properly hopefully.

  7. @flower
    Yeah…I think really painful. I know what a cramp is or when you over stretch or strain muscles…experienced it while swimming and during ballet lessons before.

  8. @flower
    yes the blue when stand and look yes he does his even sound just like BRUCE LEE and i am tell he use to my farviote time actor when this 20 years agao or longer he the MASTER back and now we found someone whiches rain have contiune his legend i love rain for himself not bruce lee rain resemble are so perfect and yet his also a very talen person and perfectionism and above his hardworking rain he is such dicated working person is that why we all fall into his spill every min of~ jung ji hoon!!
    i am impressive that rain making the director so devote to this FUGITIVE i found out that they beacome to cloes just like LJJ & Daneil as well also with the painful of rain working to his sucess that how he became more reflexiable person INDEED!!

    yes thatit true and i just hope rain don”t push himself to much and overwork alot but that rain period all am wishing if only if he can break down more and took a break and relaxing alot well unfortunally rain will be end filming soon i belive DECEMBER 1TH is the deadline of their filming of the fugtive release in KBS and then rain will another concert ion 31 ADUIEL !
    just wish him suceed this one with all fans all around the world come to see rain farwell concert and have a BLASH ! with him one last time
    if i have all these rich money u and me would love to goes to rain concert if we get lucky i would cook and make rain food and dinner what u think we very need to be passionate and warm our man up tell it this good idea??

  9. @kongsao
    That would be really nice, but as of the moment,though Korea is only 4 hours from here, I don’t feel like going. Besides it’s really cold out there at that time of the year…maybe below freezing. Sorry my friend, but I just don’t feel like it at the moment.

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