11.20.10 [Sports Chosun] “The Fugitive Plan B” Won’t Be Extended By 4 More

by dsl99a

KBS 2TV’s mini series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ production said, “There is a rumour ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, that was originally of 20 episodes, will be extended by 4 more, but there is nothing in it. The plan will go ahead as original.”

By the second half of the drama, ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ that has been originally of 20 episodes, is highly acclaimed for both its exciting stories and its sensuous image.

So, there is a rumor circulating that the drama production may have to rearrange their schedule to make it extended by 4 more, but even if the plan is on the floor, there is little reason to be optimistic even about his flexible schedule because Rain is scheduled to participate in the closing ceremony of the Kaohsiung Asian Games.

Rain’ll hit the stage alone at the closing ceremony of the Kaohsiung Asian Games to be held in the main stadium of China’s Kaohsiung Olympic Sports Center upcoming 27th.

Meanwhile, there are only 4 episodes left of the series.

Sports Josun //sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?id=201011200100200990011762&ServiceDate=2010111
Brief translation by rain bird.


5 Comments to “11.20.10 [Sports Chosun] “The Fugitive Plan B” Won’t Be Extended By 4 More”

  1. HELLO !! rain agree with me to extended FUGITIVE PLANVB
    4 moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo OH HALILUYA!!!! OMG! OMG!! even just 4 more i am happy enought to bugging him gosh i just message him and director last week and they agreed with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i am so so happy guys yessssssssssssssss THANK U JIWOO for tooking my word for u are my lover ahahah i SHOCK!! when i read it they well extended 4 more epi SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! it not axzactly comfrim yet but i belive it will be 4 more long !!

  2. This is news to me sorry to hear its not true, but I do understand it. JiHoon has obligations as well as the other cast members. I will just look forward to any and all events that JiHoon has coming up. I am very intrigued by him, he is such a talented man that also happens to be completely gorgeous with an awesomely sweet personality.

  3. It would be awsome if they did extend it for 4 more episodes. I am not holding my breath or getting to excited because I do understand Rain is human and he can handle only so much. He is jugling a very busy schedule. For now I am going to continue to enjoy the remaining episodes. I will be sad when it finally ends.

  4. @jax Kajima, Flower & everbody please enoy watching this just wanted to sahre

    where r u i have see u for 3 day i miss u kajimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!! T__T

  5. Yes @kajima…where are you? Haven’t seen you for quite a while too.

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