11.19.10[Popseoul] Someone is willing to die for Daniel Henney?

by kajima

What a great sacrifice to make for someone who doesn’t even love you!

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Fugitive Plan B’,which aired on November 17th, Kai ( Daniel Hanney) gave a large amount of money to Sophie and asked her to leave him. However,Sophie,who loves Kai, wanted to help him. So, she planned to return to the headquarters in Japan. At the same time, a killer who was aiming at Kai finally found his room. Sophie knew about this  and she went to save Kai …but she was stabbed by the killer. The killer quickly ran off after he failed his mission, and Kai found Sophie bleeding near the door.

Viewers are interested to know what happens after Kai realizes how much Sophie has sacrificed for him. Do you have any idea?

KBS’s ”The Fugitive Plan B” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55pm(KST).

Source: Nate

Credit to POPSEOUL



7 Comments to “11.19.10[Popseoul] Someone is willing to die for Daniel Henney?”

  1. Wowzers! That’s one HECKUVA spoiler…especially for folks who have yet to catch up!

  2. PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the assassin’s voice! *faint*

  3. This one was wild! Giving the fact that the love is one sided, and she will probably only get a pat on the back from the man cause he’s so cold hearted. Their seems to be no hope for this poor woman, she has given him her heart and he could care less. His time hopefully is running out. (sorry Daniel ).

  4. all am saying i feel so bad that kai could give her a chance to prove she is fall and dear herself to sacrificed for kai if kai were though about he should never regert but of what i see epi 16 their was jiwoo, kai & LNY who are in the middel of trouble so don”t know what happen to 3 of them so if he is alive i wish he trun back on sophie she very a heart wram person for kai this my option!! .
    and yes he is cold hearted !!

  5. I love Daniel but his character has turned cold hearted. I do agree with Sophie that what he is feeling is more obssession and not totally just love. I think he does love LNY but he is more concern about not losing her to Ji Woo. Because he is so use to winning like he does in his business transactions. I really do feel so bad for Sophie because she is so pretty and she is deeply in love with Kai. I understand the heart wants who it wants. However, Kai words have been so harsh to Sophie. He could of been alot nicer about why he does not have the same feelings as she. I cannot wait to find out how this turns out.

  6. hummm, i kinda think Kai is going to change…could be wrong, but Sophie is giving him some words to think over and opps! SPOILER , i’m stopping here, hahaha.

    anyway, i hope he changes his mind about Sophie, they make a nice couple with no secrets to hide now.

  7. @busybee 1982 I haven’t seen all the episodes but I can see the change in Kai. His character is becoming cold hearted. I too hope he changes. I feel Sophie is right on point about what she is saying. I too hope he changes and gives Sophie a chance. I think they make a very attrative couple. He did say something to her in one episode that it did cross his mind about them being together but he meet Jinny. Cannot wait to see what happens in the end with everyone.

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