11.18.10 [ChiSubs] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.15

by jax625

“The Fugitive Plan B “Chinese Subbed Ep 15


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3 Comments to “11.18.10 [ChiSubs] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.15”

  1. When is the engsub coming! I cant wait to watch this!

  2. Just watch ep15&16 this afternoon. Have time only on Sundays. Love ep15. Most of it were shot in Manila. When I was in Manila last week of September, Rain’s stay at the Manila Hotel & the Korean restaurant where he ate were shown in one TV program. A Manila Hotel staff showed the room where Rain stayed…actually looked like a suite. When I saw it on TV, I thought that was really a big suite for Rain to have for himself alone. Then I saw on ep15 that they were using it for Fugitive too…the suite where LJJ stayed and slept with YGS. That bed was shown on TV too…supposed to be Rain’s bed too. I remembered the staff saying that when not shooting, Rain would stay in his room by the window looking down at the pool. She gave the impression that Rain was alone and quite lonely. Also Rain ate at Maru’s, a Korean restaurant while he was in Manila.

  3. Come to think of it…I don’t think Rain was lonely while he was here in Manila.His friend Baekga came over to Manila. They even did that CF on Nikon together in one of the houses in Alabang, and I think, Baekga takes some of Rain’s pictures during the Fugitive shoot here in Manila. So, the Manila Hotel staff must have had a wrong impression.

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