11.18.10 [Info] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ratings for Wednesday (11/17-18)

by jax625

**UPDATED with 11/18 Ratings**


1. Dae Mul / Big Thing <대물> (SBS) episode 13 – 24.2%, 22.9%
2. Smile, Dong Hae <웃어라동해야> (KBS1) – 19.3%, 18.2%
3. KBS News 9 <KBS뉴스9> (KBS1) – 17.0%, 16.5%
4. You Don’t Know Women <여자를몰라> (SBS) – 14.3%, 13.6%
5. KBS2 Guangzhou Asian Games, Swimming Male & Female <KBS2광저우아시안게임 (수영남여)> (KBS2) – 12.4%, 12.6%
6. Runaway PLAN B <도망자PLANB> (KBS2) episode 15 – 12.2%, 12.3% (#7)
7. Golden Fishery <황금어장> (MBC) – 12.1%, 12.4% (#6)
8. SBS 8 o’clock news <SBS8시뉴스> (SBS) – 11.7%, 11.7%
9. SBS Sports News <SBS스포츠뉴스> (SBS) – 9.8%, 11.0%
10. Human Theater <인간극장> (KBS1) – 9.8%, 9.3% (#14)

credit: ezy85@soompi


The rating by AGB:
13.5% in Nationwide
14.9% in Seoul

The rating by TNmS:
13.9% in Nationwide
13.9% in Seoul

credit: myyma@soompi


10 Comments to “11.18.10 [Info] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ratings for Wednesday (11/17-18)”

  1. oh shit!!
    number #6 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    sorry i could help this drama so freking awesome good crap don”t u know that the drama all about mindes hell don”t even considering this dram in korean periods i am sooooooooooooooooooooo pisssssssssssssssssssssssssss offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!
    i could not ever understand korean
    they need to open their *FU* eye to watch this drama btw,.. HELLO it almost end u *ST*P

  2. Not to please with this, they just don’t know what they are missing. So sorry. 😦

  3. Yes the Korean people in general do not know what they are missing. The ones who are watching are getting treated to some awsome tv entertainment. But on the positive note the ratings have gone up. Even though the ratings should be so much higher it has been going up slowly. So positively thinking the ratings have gone up, It is not in last place, the drama is still being aired, and it is very popular with other countries. Also, on a personal note my baby Rain acting continues to be amazing and he is getting recogonize for it . I know, I know what you are thinking but I love this drama so much, that I am going to focus on the positive side. This is an amzing drama and I hope they continue it past 20 episodes (probably not) and it comes to the US.

  4. don’t be too distressed by the rating…
    raiting is not easily go up at this point.
    usually, rating is almost fixed around 1~4eps
    we say the raiting of ep1 shows the star power,
    and after that, it’s absolutely up to the writer…
    the ep1’s rating was very good, but there’re some reasons rating went down..
    this drama has full of different language and it made full of subtitles..
    it was not easy to watch this drama for middle and old ages
    it’s very attractive to the young generations,
    but It is a recent trend to watch tv program by download from the web sites
    actually, fugitive gets highest rank on the DLsites
    so, don’t be so sad just enjoy it~ ^^

  5. @PlanBfan I have watche up to episode 14. What languages have been used other than Korean and english? I am glad to hear that the Fugitive ratings are high on the down load sites. What are some of the download sites you are refereing to? I want to go check them out. Even though the ratings have been low this drama has gotten alot of prais and is popular in alot of countries. I agree we should not be sad, we should just continue to enjoy this awsome drama. I know the only time I am going to be sad is when it ends.

  6. @plan B fans
    thank for that detail i have to chooes to not be sad at lease i know for the fact if popluar GOBAL intertional and yert even US. love the drama it like a new legend of korean Jame BonD Jr. 007.. don”t mind me called it i like seeing rjiwoo this particular in US. and ofcurse i they are so hight Quaitly drama and praise to all crew casrt in this drama i am feeling what u say so just enjoy this drama and like flower say i hate to ending too
    the rating is just to low totally but what can we do it up to it!! now all am liking is jiwoo been give us such a megnficent and outstand character if this drama no doud about that and i si enjoy watching him in here is truly versailties actor and best of the he is DOWN TO EARTH to me and as ever thank u for droping by and sharing!!

  7. Seems the G20 summit and the Asian games had some effect on the ratings too. I mean News ranked 3rd? I watch Fugitive on KBS World and so I’m a bit delayed. From what I’ve seen so far, I must say Rain has just added another feather to his already heavy cap…

  8. @CJ what do you mean when you say Rain has just added another feather to his already heavy cap. Do you mean he has just added another terrific performance to his credit? Please explain.

    • @flower yes you can say that–another terrific performance–another achievement to his already long list of achievements. This guy really never ceases to amaze–I like that he makes every role he plays his own…am sure the director tells him what to do but am also sure Rain has got a lot to do with how the Jiwoo character is evolving…

  9. @CJ thanks for your response. I agree also that I love how he makes every character his own. I like how he is so versatile. Playing the character Ji Woo he has had to be very versatile. You never know what you are going to get from him. One minute he is being funny then serious ect…. Rain is an awsome actor.

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