11.17.10 [Caps] The Fugitive Plan B Episode 15 Cap Pics

by dsl99a

credit naver blog+dc

7 Comments to “11.17.10 [Caps] The Fugitive Plan B Episode 15 Cap Pics”

  1. ashahahahah so gergous jiwoo
    love his suit very so STUNNING & DASHING !!
    this is the best i ever see rain in K-drama in full yeard good he very something that i am saying SARAGHAE~!! yebooooooooooooooo !! :P)

  2. LMAO! Oh my ewwwwww @ the huge drool spot on Rain’s pillow. LOL…too funny!

  3. LOL!!! Rain is so funny. I just noticed the huge drool spot on his pillow. That is so funny but so real. I like how they are keeping his growing romance LNY real. Who has not drooled in the bed at least one time. Come on everyone has done it. Rain looks so handsome and sexy in his tux. I love her dress. I love her style. She looks so pretty and sexy. They are a very attractive couple together. Also, even though I cannot wait to see Rain and LNY kiss full on. I found Rain kissing LNY on the cheek while she was sleeping to be the most sweetest, heart felt and romantice thing ever. I actually think that was even better at this point than them kissing full on. This only makes me want to continue to watch them more.

  4. RAIN my love i wants kiss you

  5. Rain really cute…

  6. JiHoon you are so adorable, hahahaha Just love you!

  7. @lotus6000 he is so freakin adorable you cannot help but fall in love with him. Every time I look at that picture of him smiling I cannot help but smile. He just warms my heart.

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