11.16.10 “The Fugitive: Plan B” HP_Plot summary of EP.15

by kajima


10-11-16 KBS TV “The Fugitive: Plan B” HP_Plot summary of EP15


credit runawaydrama @ youtube
15부 :: 11월 17일 수요일 밤 9시 55분

도수가 확보한 금괴를 빼돌리기 위해 벌이는 제임스와 나까무라의 성대한 파티는 일사천리로 준비되고…
지우는 지우대로 나까무라 계획의 전모를 파악하고 나름의 작전에 착수한다.

이 사실을 알리없이 도수와 소란은 잠시간의 평화에 젖어들지만 이제 범죄자와 형사로 대면하고 있다는 아픈 사실을 절감할 뿐이다.
도수를 위한 명목상의 비즈니스 파티가 성대하게 열리는 가운데 저마다 다른 이유로 초대받지 않은 손님들이 몰려들고, 그 중엔 태연한 척 마주하는 진이와 카이 그리고 지우도 있다.

그리고 금괴를 향해 돌진하는 나까무라의 계획과 함께 황금빛 도수의 백일몽을 깨뜨리는 한 발의 총성이 들려오는데…

The 15th episode :: On Wednesday, November17th, at 9:55pm.

A party hosted by both James and ‘Nakamura Howang’ to deprive ‘Do Soo’ (Lee Jung Jin) of gold bars, is being done swiftly. ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) gets the picture of ‘Nakamura Howang’s action and maps out a strategy for setting back Howang’s plan.

Both ‘Do Soo’ and ‘So Ran’ (female detective) who entirely don’t know about this situation, enjoy the peaceful time for a while, but just face the fact they are a criminal and a detective.

While there is a big party, the ostensible reason for this party thrown by James and ‘Nakamura Howang’ is to help ‘Do Soo’s business, uninvited guests exploiting the current situation for their own ends are gathering around. There are also Jinny (Lee Na Young) and Kai (Daniel Henney) trying to pretend to be unconcerned, including ‘Ji Woo’.

Just then, a gunfire to break up ‘Nakamura Howang’s plan to defraud the gold bars and ‘Do Soo’s daydream, is heard.


Brief translation by rain bird.

Thanks ratoka

4 Responses to “11.16.10 “The Fugitive: Plan B” HP_Plot summary of EP.15”

  1. Sorry Daniel but he’s still around? What a snake in the show, can’t wait to see what happens, JiWoo and Jinny in bed? and of course you get slapped(cringe)! Sorry I do have a problem with him being slapped and so much? That face is way to beautiful for that. And I really what to see Detective Doo Soo and So Ran get together.

  2. i agree with lotus6000, why slapped , how many times,

  3. @lotus600
    i agree as well u say it all
    this epi even more hotness going to be i very can”t wait to see the outcome bte jiwoo & Daenil but i honest saying she better be with jiwoo sent she cut her realtionship off with Daneil already so be it!! ‘
    yup she slap rain way off to much what sup with that rain face so flawless and smooth if something goes wrong u know who to blame ahahahah tright??


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