11.16.10 [D/L] Ep.8 “The Fugitive: Plan B” w/ WITHS2 Eng Subs

by jax625

~info by wakkitakki (incase you missed it…)

WITHS2 just posted the ENGLISH subs for Episode 8.  http://withs2.com/view/fugitive-plan-b

Scroll down and find Episode 8 & click on HAN*.  That opens to the subs.  RIGHT CLICK!  CLICK SAVE AS….have it save to desktop for now. 

Now find where you saved Episode 8.  You may want to rename if you haven’t already!  For example:  Rain_2010 Fugitive_Episode 8.avi (if your file extension shows)  NOW get that srt file which saved as a txt file.  RENAME to match what you named Episode 8 & have its file extension be srt. (It will prompt you asking if you are sure about changing the file extension—say yes!)

Following the example given the 2 files should look like this:

Rain_2010 Fugitive_Episode 8.avi
Rain_2010 Fugitive_Episode 8.srt

These 2 files must be in the same location such as desktop or a folder you set up for Fugitive files.  Open Episode 8 avi file in VLC Player or other players and the subs should automatically play along with it.

The WITHS2 site is set up so that when you scroll down & find the subs you will see a place to make a comment.  You may thank them for their hard work there

*All the RAW episodes that I have linked here are the HAN version so it should match up with no problems.

Episode 8 Fugitive. Credit for file kpopella

MU:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3IGXXM1V

MF sharefolder link: http://www.mediafire.com/?xq4adxfda7z1o (There are 4 files to get & then rejoin with HJSplit to make whole file)


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