11.16.10 [KBS] The Fugitive PlanB Cast Official Photo

by kajima

Source : KBS.Fugitive PlanB Site


6 Comments to “11.16.10 [KBS] The Fugitive PlanB Cast Official Photo”

  1. hahahahahahahahaha I love this picture, Thanks JiWoo? hahaha so perfect. This really is the perfect cast.

  2. OMG!!! I just love Rain so much. He is such a goof ball. Man I am laughing so hard at the top pic that tears are rolling down my face. This man is something special from another planet. He is so freakin funny!!

  3. I find this really funny…LOL

  4. oh my angel it so cute cute i love you so much

  5. i,m sory oh my angel oopa cute cute ilove you so much love

  6. this pict of craking me up and the way he in bed with LNY his lip ahahahahah FORL very harlious love this guy ever!! i could stop laughting goodness that was one heck funny he sure tknow to goof it off and making all of us crowing on the floor ahahahh !! EXZACTLY !!

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