11.16.10 [Pics] Rain fans’ support for “The Fugitive: Plan B” crew

by jax625

credit: DC

4 Comments to “11.16.10 [Pics] Rain fans’ support for “The Fugitive: Plan B” crew”

  1. wowowo that was one sweet suporting to the crew i am alway with them who care and deep thoughfulness of rain no matter where and what he does their alway some fans up for his suporting and aboring rain with some supply that was very indeed of their conncetion to their loyal treat of jiwoo seriouly !! i am envy for the matter of time they took and suporting reder he bussy at alway!! the love and loyal of u rain will keep in his heart forever (^O^) CHEER !!
    i very llove LOIUS shoe i wanted very casual to me i love me ahahha
    the food who would know rain love to eat but coz it all share to crew i wondering which one rain eating ekekekek 🙂

  2. oh btw… Jiwoo look so ardorable here love the doubble bless check on himm ekekek must be mind kiss over last night aahahahah isn”t am right jiwoo??? ekekekek :P) we loive u rain

  3. fan of RAIN coool thank you

  4. Wow!! Rain fans are super awsome! It was so nice of them to feed Rain and the entire crew. I feel so hungry after looking at all that tasty looking food. I really love the LV sneakers. I am asuming they fed everyone but gave Rain some personal gifts. Even though I had nothing to do with this. Stuff like this make me proud to be a fan of Rain.

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