11.15.10 [popseoul] The Controversy On Lee Jung-Jin’s Twitter

by jax625

Actor Lee Jung-jin,who portrays an foreign affairs investigator, in KBS 2TV’s “Fugitive Plan B” faced controversy after he retweeted two comments from fans.

The comments stated “The viewership ratings of ‘Fugitive Plan B’ rises because of Lee Jung Jin. So, Lee must stay alive in the show”. The comments also depreciated Rain and Daniel Henney’s contribution in the drama. As a result, Lee deleted the comments and responded

“You guys are right.But, everyone is being too sensitive. Now, the main focus of Rain and I is only the drama. We will not fight against the amount of exposure in the show. In fact, our teamwork is getting better from day to day”.

Also, he had hoped that fans of the different idols can respect each other.

There are only a few more episodes left before this drama comes to an end. Is there anyone interested in predicting the ending?

Source: bnt news

Credit: roryg2008@popseoul

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~thanks for the tip Cloudy MJ!


30 Comments to “11.15.10 [popseoul] The Controversy On Lee Jung-Jin’s Twitter”

  1. Poor LJJ! of course he wouldn’t take anything away from Rain & DH…he is too nice! No worries LJJ, I will comfort you…just don’t tell Kajima ^o^

    btw, this is a really hot pic of him @.@

  2. gotta agree with LJJ….that’s not nice cause every actor/actress plays their parts extremely well and compliment each other in some way. the star of this awesome drama interacts with every player in the story line. JiHoon is definately playing his part, being accused of something he didn’t do and trying to maintain his business.

    i hope fans of LJJ will recognize that when Rain’s fans presents food to the crew, they just don’t do it with Rain in mind they purchase enough for the whole team because it takes a team to make ratings, not one person. let’s all be nice and stay positive, regardless whose fan we may be.

  3. yes me too busybee1982
    i am agree with him LJJ cvose basically it all about the drama not who actor u love more face it the fact is all hot and sexy guy in this drama period Daneil, rain, LJJ who goes after who common be fair to the republic and watching it this drama they are the plot for their part of the case and line here we are now offense over whoi act beeter or see more so why spoling the pot over on this i mean give a break the drama itself
    been down bounce rating back and fort plus top u com-lian over nosen cussse on this drama and noe u saying about the rating coz of LJJ what LJJ is saying is speaking fair and the true and i would do do the relationship btw, him and rain get alone so will don”t try to intreacting them by that too i am just saying it don”t even try eitheer that my option only no offense fans ok!!
    rain jiwoo took his own acting part and he show it all to the story the most captavating eye watching same as LJJ as a detective police for who he cast are as well they are very treat each other like a family and very firendship delvelopment here soooooooo/…….. and without rain they would be any suporting and give
    such a food and treat for the crew as LJJ fan i hope u are respect rain for the health of vitim drink and food they bring to share for the crew rain fans very devote to him for who he honor and very respecful of his hardworker and keep connection to everbody and regradless who fans of actor i would sugess u stay put and be faoir and keep thing up as postive mood and drama goes the drama alone are been reveal as awesome shot and plot and storyline already so my words to your fans is pplease don”t try
    to trun the fugtive down ok keep postive way and for rating got not to do with who in here reder u select to watch who are your farviote artis then goes found the drama that just him main character are they is all about everbody took take thei part of acting line!!
    and to me rain or LJJ it doen”t matter it all an actor and they share good meaning in this drama did u know how far rain & LJj going to cloes now so let it be and stay postive please thank u !!

  4. My question is why did LJJ even retweet the comments made by some of his fans? Personally I do not think that was a wise thing to do. Because the comments that were made were not nice toward Rain and Daniel in terms of their important contribution toward the show. So if I was him I would of thought I am not going to retweet these comments because this is going to cause controversy. By doing so it made him look like he was in agreement with what his fans were saying even though he was not. And surely some of Rain’ s or Daniel’s fans were not going to like this and react.

    On another note I was not aware of LJJ until this drama. I chose to watch the drama because for one Rain and second because Daniel Henney was going to be in it. So Both of them in that order was the primary reason I chose to watch the Fugitive. From the Fugitive I have become a fan of LJJ. Because of his awsome acting on the drama. I really enjoy his character. I feel all the actors in the drama are doing an awsome job. Everyone (ex: Lee Na Young, detectives, police, Sophia, Mi-jin Hwang ect…) are bringing their (A++) game in the parts they are playing.

    Rain is the main star of the drama because he is the fugitive. His character enter acts with all the characters. He is definitely playing and is believable in the part of Ji Woo. I feel his acting is extremely awsome in this drama. I am not just saying that because I am a huge fan. He has to be comical, dramatic, romantic, and do action when playing Ji Woo. So I feel he is playing a difficult part. So I personally feel his acting has stood out. And that is why his excellent acting contribution has been getting praised regardless of what the ratings have been. However, I feel the rise in the drama ratings has to do with the excellent storyline and all the awsome acting the actors have been doing. So it is all due to a group effort. We all have our favorite star that we love and support. There is no need to put down one star to make your favorite star look good.

  5. Also, that is a very nice pic of him. He looks very cute in this pic.

  6. Whatever the contoversy really is, LJJ and the other casts are all OUTSTANDING in their performances in which they bring all the spices up in order to put up a great episodes day by day!! Each of them really portray their role in a Best way and each has their own uniqueness.. Let’s support the remaining FUGITIVE PLAN B! Make it peak at number ONE/1!! please I HEART all of them most of all LEE JUNG JIN:)) fighting!

  7. I agree 100% with @flower and I’d give bnt news, popseoul a HI5 for omitting out the
    “real controversy”, which would have reflected a bad image on FUGITIVE.
    If you have happened to be at twitter at this particular moment, you might be knowing that
    the “whole fugitive staff” + fans went way too crazy about LJJ act.

    Following the damu article which did the review of casts got banded.
    And the fan (twitter) account which mention that article has also disappeared !
    (may be she/he changed the ID)
    All these say it had been a cold war.

    LLJ act of RT might have been an innocent thought of his.
    But he’d have thought twice before what he said and done thereafter.

    To be honest, now I find it little difficult to enjoy the character “Do-Soo” , and I am disappointed over LJJ
    😥 I truly liked him a lot. Doo-So was my most liked character of Fugitive,
    though I’m a HUGE fan of Rain.

    Later, though LJJ came up and gave a note of apology ( http://bit.ly/9nIofj),
    I can’t make up my mind and like him the way I used to.
    Because I love RAIN the most!


  8. This is why I’m so glad I’m no longer on twitter. All the actors make the show yes JiHoon is the star but they are all stars in their own right, And I for one love each and everyone for their parts one person cannot make an entire series. They are all equally interesting with their own set of drama and laughter. BRAVO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Each one of them have their own range in acting, and it’s not fair to compare one with the other. They are a TEAM & they make up FUGITIVE.

  10. i don’t think he did wrong, and im sure he was so happy to see something nice being said about him he wanted to share…i’m sure he didn’t think ahead on it and he has more then made up for it…but to me, he doesn’t need to explain himself.

  11. there are some colplicated stories behind..
    it started from LJJ’s fan tweeted him a blogger’s review..
    the blogger said, Rain is the reason of low rating, and Daniel was miscasting..
    and the rating rose up thanks to LJJ..
    (this blogger is notorious for anti-Rain from ago)
    it may pleased himself, but what about Rain and Daniel?
    and LJJ retweeted it..
    it means,, Rain can see the review,
    because Rain and LJJ followed each other..
    drama fans were very shocked what he did..
    one fan tweeted him politely,it’s not thoughtful to the other actors,
    so please delete it..
    but he tweeted “everyone is being too sensitive.. Rain and I….blabla”
    the issue was not about the amount of exposure..
    nobody mentioned about that..
    the next day, there came out the news you read,
    and the issue was changed to fans fight..
    Consequently, Rain fans became rude and jealousy groups who cling to
    the amount of exposure..
    what do you think about this?

    if any of you can read Korean, check this..
    this is fugitive plan B’s fan site,
    and all the stories…


    • @PlanBfan
      :O why did you share it here ?? 😐
      That’s why I said I give HI5 for bnt news for not sharing everything
      😥 😥 but now you shared it here >.<
      I gave this (popseoul) link to jax, because it had no harmful remarks on LJJ nor on Fugitive.
      Hope no one could be able to read Korean :/
      Nvm, I'm not angry with you…
      Knowing everything is no good every time.

      @jax I shouldn't have given you !!!! Ottekhe?? Ottekhe?? Ottekhe??

  12. Sorry I can not read Korean or other than english no longer have a translator. He said she said so what! Its all just drama, Let these people do what they came here to do and thats entertain us and enjoy working together. Save the DRAMA for the t.v. screen. Everyone should keep their personal opinion to themselves, this is these entertainers lively hood. BACK OFF!!!!

  13. @CloudyMJ no worries, if people want to hate on LJJ for something he didn’t do maliciously, then let them be, but they should know their precious Rain is still his friend. GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP, makes me sad 😦

    your heart is in good place CloudyMJ *hugs*

  14. @cloudymj I am glad you were able to understand what I was trying to say. I still like LJJ and think he is doing an awsome job on the Fugitive. I still enjoy his character. I think he was not trying to be mean toward Rain or Daniel. I do feel he retweeted the comments because it was a compliment to him. I feel he just did not think things through. It was not a wise thing to do. I am glad that him and Rain are still friends. I feel Rain, Daniel, LJJ.LNY and all the other actors are doing an awsome job as a team. This along with the great storyline is why the ratings have gone up. I truelly love this drama and I wish it would not end at ep20 but continue on.

    • WELL SAID @flower!!! thank you xoxo

    • @flower 🙂 Hii thanks, by chance do I know you @twitter ? 😉 you name reminds me an avatar @twitter 😀 Anyways, though I really can’t make up my mind. I’ll be the last person to make ill comments about anyone. Specially, if it’s gonna badly reflect on Rain, as I’m a cloud.
      Thanks all!.

      oh! didn’t you see, my pink bunny is up 😀 I was even hopping around you.
      Just wanted to cheer you up. I saw you were cheering up LJJ @twitter few minutes ago.
      Aja Aja Fugitive fighting ^ ^~~~

  15. me too
    no matter what LJJ is a human being like other rest too rain is aprt of his acting i mean everbody took their own part of acting in this drama and for LJJ and rain became know each other coz their share meaning and confident thing together LJJ is cool person and very nice one too be know coz, i myself have message him when he was depress about yoon So Ha same as Jax and Kajima
    that why i admire his acting work and his personaly too he very did awesome jon in fugitive their no then good watching them all in one drama beside i don”t belive LJJ would say such thing like to to any fans or himself either LJJ is a smart and think person just how rain said it !!
    and the he retweet he did think though of his comment but honestly i know LJJ he not mean to anyone or offense either they are firtend until today LJJ even follow only rainat tweet also i just hope nobody here took an advange to accuse rain & LJJ of their firendship apart either !!

    because this FUGITIVE have been make into drama everbody learn from each other and became one such good family and firendship so i do the conncetion still goes on even though it doen filming they work so hard enought to give them all own appluse for the credit!! and please do understand how hard each actor work in this fugitive too !!

  16. @jax625 and cloudymj you both are welcome.

    @Cloudymj I want you to know I have not gotten the impression or read anything you have posted here as ill comments about anyone. You come accross like a positive and not mean spirited person. What you have stated about LJJ so far has been a valid personal opinion. Nothing mean spirited about that. I personally welcome honest opinions like yours. I only read about this controversy on hear and I missed all the talk on twitter. You said the whole fugitive staff went way too crazy about LJJ act on twitter. Have Rain posted any comments about this on twitter? What about Daniel? I have not been on twitter lately.

    Also, my current avatar on twitter is not a flower or has not been one I believe. That person is someone else.

    • @Flower
      NO WAY~~~ NOT RAIN!!! Rain was no where..
      And he’ll be last person on earth to react for any comments made about him, specially *ill*
      Even if we try to safe guard him , he might ask us ” Why are you so serious” 😀 ?
      What I meant was the staff people.. I’m following like 30 of them..
      So they, back and forth tweeting to each other made a lot of spamming on the home time line.
      and having few Korean – Fugitive-fans too (clouds) They too tweeted to them…
      We were just watching…. O_o (???)
      After realizing that LJJ is worried over something, I tweeted him to cheer him up.
      Then after about two hours LJJ came and apologized.

      as @pluie625 said Let’s forget this… and support #Fugitive
      Day by day it’s getting more & more interesting. I hope Jinny didn’t dump Ji woo yesterday >………
      Did you guys heard the new Fugitive OST
      Bang Bang Bang (MBLAQ)

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzpvpynKg-o&feature=player_embedded#! (via ABM)

  17. Let’s all support this drama and help the ratings go higher…I’m sure LJJ doesn’t mean anything with what was said and done. And Im sure Rain understands and so as Daniel. They’re all professionals here and are making an awesome job. Without the other, this drama wouldn’t be as awesome as it is because everyone’s doing their respective job well no matter how small their roles may be, from the cameos to the lead stars and all the staff behind the screen. They all deserve the praises they deserve with all their hard work. Although it’s not getting that much viewership in its native land, I’m still happy that it’s popular online and is getting international attention and popularity.

  18. @pluie625
    i agree u said just right and that is the bottom line of this drama !!
    and we all know who it goes and the drama is i impress that it praise as intertional view and workhard for each role and let keep suporting this drama to end of their own
    appluse they are deserved that the party will come after ahahah it sad for the rating but the drama along it awesomness me i love so much i can”t wait to get DVD and just wish it extended a little longer 20 epi nooooooooooooo not yet grrrrrrrrrr!!

  19. @cloudymj thanks for the explanation I understand. I agree lets forget this and continue to support the Fugitive. I love this drama and it is getting more interesting. I wish it would be extended past 20 episodes.

    Can you clear up something I am confused over about the Fugitive? Can you or someone answer these questions, thanks.

    Who barried the gold?

    Did Jinny grandfather help steal the gold while it was being transported by the Korean army?

    Why did her grandfather hold onto the banknote?

    Didn’t the old man actually steal some of the gold and invest it into his and Kai business?

  20. Thanks for the information posted. Sorry for my English

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