11.15.10 [Pics] 1000 expressions of Ji-Woo (Rain)

by jax625

credit: DC


11 Comments to “11.15.10 [Pics] 1000 expressions of Ji-Woo (Rain)”

  1. Wow! 1000 expressions of Ji-woo…such patience in compiling & editing these pics by DC. I know who Moonbeards is, but who’s DC?

  2. Wow! Thank you so much, Jax! This is surely one of kind that anyone who loves Rain to keep it forever! It is hard work, i know. thanks again! ^ __ ~ +

  3. Wow! Thanks Jax for posting this and DC for compiling all the pics. This compilation is amazing. I will definetly be saving it.

  4. wowowowo sure alot expression of our jiwoo here they are such an comilation of him he very have such full character in rain it very makingmy day of him u is delight us everday i telling you!! ahahahah i click and save it !~! 🙂

  5. 1000 different expressions…..gezz, how’s it possible??? that’s good acting to me.

    nice job DC, thanks for sharing.

  6. i’m wondering does is this site apart of DCRain Gallary? the one who did the vid of Rain and the dancing Otter? and then gave Rain the doll Otter at his fanmeeting in Korea? does anyone know?

  7. Love this! Going to make it one of my computer’s wallpaper. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the latest expression in Epi 14 when Jini and JiWoo are spying on Detectives Do Soo & Yoon kissing. Best facial expression EVER!

  8. WOW!!! I love it. Just look at all of these expressions. Rain is awesome.

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