11.15.10 [News]Kim Hyung Jong’ talking about Rain.

by kajima

15-Nov-10 [Newsen] Kim Hyung Jong’ talking about Rain.

– Rain part –

Rain mentioned through an interview with actor ‘Kim Hyung Jong’ playing a police detective character in drama ‘Fugitive Plan B’.

‘Kim Hyung Jong’ said,

“Before I worked with ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain) through drama ‘Fugitive Plan B’, I didn’t know how hard he works, but

working with him, I’ve seen at a glance that he is no ordinary man. He works hard, and is a very sincere and quite a nice man.

I’ve had candid talks about the current work with him, which has made me find that he is to be depended upon. There is an air of magnanimity about him. I hope everything works out much better as much as he works.”

credit to Newsen http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201011110901021001

Brief translation by rain bird.



2 Comments to “11.15.10 [News]Kim Hyung Jong’ talking about Rain.”

  1. This was so sweet and nice of him to say those kind words about Rain. I agree that Rain is no ordinary man. He works extremely hard and it shows. I hope that he continue to grow and get all the good things that he deserves.

  2. Such kind words for Rain.

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