11.15.10 [Information] Dirctor of The Fugitive PlanB

by kajima
  • Name: Kwak Jung-Hwan
  • Hangul: 곽정환
  • Born:
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Kwak Jeong-hwan | Filmography
    Source Daum+hancinema.net+Mediawiki

    4 Comments to “11.15.10 [Information] Dirctor of The Fugitive PlanB”

    1. 1st comment for Director @ Daum Fugitive hehe~~~

      and i just found he was assistant director and director of Rain’s series.

      “Sangdoo,A love to Kill,Fugitive PlanB”

      wow ~~~~~~~ why they’re very closed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Just sharing ! ! Sorry if you know this before !! hehe^~

      Director Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @kajima thanks for the info.. What does Aja, Aja, fighting mean? I want to make sure I have the correct meaning.

    3. Nice job, Kajima! *thumbs up*

    4. @flower it is a term used in Korea for encouragement , plus it’s super cute to say ^^

      Thanks kajima for giving us more info on your lovely director , hehehe

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