11.14.10 [HQ] Rain The Fugitive Plan B Capture(+60 Pics.)

by kajima

credit DC.


26 Comments to “11.14.10 [HQ] Rain The Fugitive Plan B Capture(+60 Pics.)”

  1. @kajima…LOL…this is really sweet…Rain romping in front of Manila Cathedral saying

  2. OMG this is so freakin funny!!!!!! The bubble head and him skippying is hilarious!!!!! Rain is so crazy funny. I just love his personality so much.

  3. Rain is so darn cute I cannot stand to look at him some time. But I cannot keep my eyes off of him.

  4. @Kajima how can I save a pic for my avatar ( I think thats what it is called). I am talking about putting a pic in the square like you have LJJ.

  5. OH!!! At the manila cathedral hahah….

  6. WOW, these are the cutest pics ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @flower, you must create an account with wordpress and then you can add your own icon ^^


    hope this helps!!!

    thanks for the pic instructions for flower Kajima, you are so cute! ^^ Thanks for all the updates today, I was out of state and just arrive at home *hugs*

  7. @jax625 and @kajima thanks for your help.

    @jax625 I am not sure if I already have an account. Reason being when I click on the link and input my user name it saids it is already registered. I do not remember a password. I try to request a new one but I never recieve the link in my email to get another one. Is there any way I can create an account without loosing my username? Also, what is the purpose of the blog url? Do you have to create a blog url?

  8. ahhahahaah this pict so harlious esp his popping big face head ahahah am craking up here rain very have a funny persionaly that why i could let goes of this guy from my bottom of my heart so gergous here thank for the GIF kajima & JAX HUG LADIES MUCK!! :p)

    first of all u have the account here alrready or else u would be able to comment ok
    follow me
    1 u go to wordpress if u alredy regsiter and have the account then it should be no problem
    2 go to wordpress.com http://wordpress.com/
    2 on top left it say MY Account
    put the arrow on that it should show all the list their saying
    Edit my Post
    you click on that
    the it bring u to another page on the left it say update profile
    but, u wanted to goes on the right it say
    Current Gravatar
    3 Click on Change your Gravatar
    let it load a min then
    4 click on the blue link say
    upload a new image from your computer
    5 Select a file from your computer
    5 file ~ Brower
    u select your own pict on your DESTOP their what ever u like
    click pict u like and then OPEN
    then the pict should show in your gravatar and click NEXT
    after that u shoule see Crop and Finish
    6 click that

    • @kongsao, Jax625, and kajima thanks for your help. However, I have tried to follow your instructions and other things but I for what ever reason is not able to access my account. I do not remeber my password. Ever time I try to get a new password I never get the link sent to my email. If I try to register again they say my username is already taken, which is correct. The only thing I probably could do is reregister but then I would have to change my user name. I am not sure I want to do that because you guys know me as my current user name. I feel sorta upset because I cannot figure this out. Anyway thanks again, I will just keep my current avatar for now.

      I know this might sound stupid but is it possible I could have not set up and account and is still able to post messages on here?

      • @flower
        u asking something like comment and link roight sure i can post anything in here well. sent u could get into garvatar pict then it would be the same as usal is!!
        flower if u reset your pasword it should sent to your email why did u get it wiere??
        and did u have regsiter dor a blog for example like thgis one u have login excess right all u need to frill the blog infor and complete it should bring to your web and u can mantor yourself i not quite sure what r u missing ?? hmmmmmmmmmmm…

  9. @flower
    here u can regsiter your own blog and then do what ever u wanted and also u can put your own garvatar too what u feel like in this blog it your own wep site blog after u complete this

    • @kongsao I think I never registered. I just came here and posted comments. But I could be wrong because I cannot remember my password to login. And for some reason I am not recieving the link in my email to get another password.

      However when I go to the link you gave to sign up it says user name flower is already registered as a username. So inorder for me to register to be able to change my avatar. I think I have to reregister. If i reregister I will have to choose another username because flower is already being used. I like my user name and is not sure I want to change it. Also, I do not want to set up a blog. The link give you to set one up or just a username. Does that make sense, I hope so.

      • @flower
        then i guess u have to stick with more easy i think u are new to this just like me well., it better this way for u at lease u appreance is here and we sure know u are visit the site here too am i right??

  10. @kajima jax, Flower
    hey guy u can watching here again i know u see it but, it ok to watch it again enjoy all


  11. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when Rain did the “I LOVE Manila!” line. That was fabulous…makes me wanna go back to the PI and visit my family’s homeland. Ironic that it took a Korean drama to do that…hmmmm. =\

  12. Can’t help but go back to this…really enjoying it and still laughing. Kajima, thanks a lot for posting this. You’re a darling. @ MarNies, is your family from PI?

  13. @kajima
    Oh…thanks so much for the basket w/ HEARTS…HUGS 2 & such beautiful gifs…really a work of art…

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