11.12.10 Rain,Lee Na Young & LJJ.@ backstage of Macau Press Conf.

by kajima


credit naver blog


7 Comments to “11.12.10 Rain,Lee Na Young & LJJ.@ backstage of Macau Press Conf.”

  1. Rain know he can pose. Nice picture of all of them. I love alot of the shoes that Lee Na Young always wears. Her shoes are always hot!!

    • I completely agree! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes she wore in episodes 13 & 14! I was in complete shoe lust mode every time they showed her shoes. LMAO ^_^

  2. @flower,

    Someone after my own mind. I was JUST thinking I need girlfriend’s shoes!! Especially the ones above. This is the second thing I lose my mind over, after Ji-Hoon………..(BIG SMILES)

  3. The infamous suit hahahahaha. I still love it.

  4. @BiAlamode yes Rain comes first then my love for shoes comes second.

  5. ahahah very love how rain post his look this sure stole the camera look very hot and sedutive look jiwoo and dran he look so good how he look down just perfect move ahahah they very show alot styless in this dram i so much liking this more then not is the best in every deatal period !!
    nice and sexy here love it!!

  6. LOL, in this pic Rain look like he is checking out LNY legs.

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