11.12.10 [Pic] BTS.Set of The Fugitive PlanB Cast

by kajima


Credit to ratoka

 Source : credit cyworld , naver ,raincloudhk



6 Comments to “11.12.10 [Pic] BTS.Set of The Fugitive PlanB Cast”

  1. Where’s Ryan Moon in the pic?…my favorite photographer…

  2. Yeah!! which one is moonbeards (Ryan Moon) ?? 😉

  3. oh ~ sorry ,give me apologize~

    Mr.Ryan Moon ^ ^

  4. Awesome Ryan Moon, finally get to see ya! As always love all the back stage fun and peeks. Ryan I’ve said it before but your work is GREAT!

  5. thank for all the best photgraher u took it was very nice and good shot to share with us and i very happy u keep our jiwoo alive to know what he doing and pict of the crews too u are giving us a best great woker with all this photo u are the best thank u so much
    see the pict their photograhice and stand by the monk that him !!

  6. @kongsao…Thanks a lot. Now I got to see Ryan Moon…great photographer. He’s Korean too?

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