11/11/10 The Fugitive: Plan B” HP_Plot summary of EP14

by moonrogue

14부 :: 11월 11일 목요일 밤 9시 55분

진이와 지우의 개입으로 간신히 목숨을 건진 카이. 어느새 진이 곁에 와 있는 지우에 대한 적개심을 숨기지 않는다. 자신의 행동이 모두 진이를 위한 사랑이었다며 절실히 호소하는 카이를 바라보는 진이. 한편, 카이를 구하러 간 지우를 대신해 금괴가 있는 곳으로 달려간 도수는 자신의 경찰인생 모두를 걸고 양두희를 체포하는데…

The 14th episode :: On Thursday, November 11th, at 9:55pm.

Kai (Daniel Henney) saved from the brink of death due to the intervention of ‘Ji Woo'(Rain) and Jinny (Lee Na Young), harbors animosity towards ‘Ji Woo’ who has taken up with her.

Jinny looking at Kai who is appealing to her, “This is because I care about you.”

Meanwhile, Do Soo running to the gold bars on behalf of ‘Ji Woo’ who has gone to save Kai, arrests ‘Yang Du Hee’, betting his police life on it.


( YouTube Minute by Minute Summary)
‘Yang Du Hee’ : The police detective and the private detective have been on the phone, continuing their conversation.

Ji Woo (Rain) : Hyungnim (Nakamura Howang), give up and go home.

Murderer : They are the top of the pile (?)

Nakamura Howang : I think I need to go on a trip again.

Credit: Ratoka

**Thank You Ratoka for this update**


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