11.09.10 [Pics] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Cast

by jax625

source: naver blog


18 Comments to “11.09.10 [Pics] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Cast”

  1. ahahahahahah Lol…. Jiwoo :loi:
    ahahhaah so sweet cute and silly rain love the family FUGITIVE CREWS here they are very very confort each other man i so proud for rain making such a good firendship with all of them he sure to fun with and rain never fall to amaze me and who ever know rain from his heart ahah may i jion the club to ekekek u just making smile all the time swetie oie ekekek 🙂

  2. Awe these pictures are so sweet and funny. They all look so happy. I am so glad that they all are comfortable with each other and is like a family. Rain look so cute, rested, and happy. Is this the food the fans brought all of them? It is so nice to work with people you like.

  3. @kongsao,flower))))))

    어떻게 ㅋㅋ어떻게 ㅋㅋ어떻게 ㅋㅋHAHA !! !

  4. @kajima
    O__O look like you have both man in btww who goe first tonight??
    LJJ & director kaw make sure if u chooes either for tonigh have a red light on and some ily scream too it i bet thoes 2 man will drip his water down ahhaha
    the one so fuuny u cricle of ahahah ROFL that was very funny i am very having a CUM here

  5. @kajima you crack me up. I see you spotted your two men. You have a hard choice to make. Why not pick them both and have some fun. Do not have too much fun, LOL!!!! I also spotted my number 1 man Rain sticking his tongue out just waiting for me to join him, LOL!!!

    @Jax625 did not know you were sick. I hope you get well soon.

  6. @flower
    i am with you too rain save all thatr tasy yummy grem of him to arrrived from work and head of to beed and have a moony niight with me ekekek just say babe rain u know u need that tasy felel can i add some chocolate to it ahahha he want a very sweer toungue here ekekekek ok EVERBODY all FUGITIVE CREWS MOVE to aside am next rain want me NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!! AHAHAH he been beting to me saying hey hurry up !!

  7. @kajima
    i could help it more my stomack are hard now !!! 😆
    u are so funny and my tearing drain as much ahhaah ok then i gues LJJ at night and Director in morning souunf fair enought ekekekek

  8. Hahaha these pictures are so cute. The little boys were having so much fun!!!

    @kajima….hard to choose? Just sing to the left to the left…. To the right to the right hahahaha

  9. @kajima
    I’m beat but really having a good laugh. The babies are so cute and adorable and you’re a looker!
    Ji-hoon, I think, is okay. He really looks like a monkey! Having so much fun with the boys and girls. Hope Ji-hoon is eating and thanks so much for this. Nite…nite

  10. @tjrachel wow you think Rain look like a monkey. LOL, that is an interesting comparison. I do not see it though.

    @kajima the babies are so cute. Is this what you wanted to show me. If yes, thanks they are so cute.

  11. Wohoo! Y’all can “fight” over LJJ and KJH…That means I get Daniel all to myself. LOL!!! ^_^ ^_^

    What an awesome cast. ❤

  13. OMG Rain is soooo cooool

    Love Rain

    very beautiful cast

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