11.09.10 [Pics] Lee Jung Jin & Detective Team The Fugitive PlanB in Macau

by kajima

credit // myspace ..Special thanks ratoka

11 Comments to “11.09.10 [Pics] Lee Jung Jin & Detective Team The Fugitive PlanB in Macau”

  1. It is nice to see that everybody likes each other and get alone. I wish we could see some pics of Rain just chilling and relaxing at the pool.

  2. @kajima
    You beat me into this…love LJJ’s tummmmmmie!!! LOL

  3. @kajima are you saying compared to the first detective (forget his name) hard rock body LJJ has a little tummy, the other guy has breast, and the middle guy is carrying an inner tube. You are so funny!!!!

  4. @kajima
    ahahahah what this supost to mean?? what are up to now
    hey i telling you don”t get me into Jung Seung Kyo’ lord he is sexy here oh my O_O that undie of him and body yeah he was have that sexy as rain does but, …………………….!! the undie i am crying out sak here
    sorry jiwoo it all kakima fault she making me fall for Jung Seung Kyo’ today don”t kill me blame on kajima ok!!
    LJJ do u need a extra hand here i got sunblock babe ekekeke
    are asking the wearing sunglass or ??
    if so his name is Jung Seung Kyo’ that only if u asking for him ahahha

  5. LJJ has been eating too many ramen noodles LMAO. He looks good with the extra tummy pooch let’s face it he is sexy period.

  6. Nobody wears a bikini for swimming anymore Heheheh,it’s so 80’s !!! It’s either shorts or board shorts now ,can someone tell him Heheheh…. Yeah nice bod but still, nut huggers ??? LOL ! Sorry…

  7. @jho…agree…& shorts is definitely sexier…

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