11.07.10 [Pic] Fugitive:Plan B Slideshow!

by moonrogue

**I love the Fugitive: Plan B and Rain so much I made a small slide show of some of my favorite characters and scenes..Enjoy! XOXO :)**Fighting**

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


5 Comments to “11.07.10 [Pic] Fugitive:Plan B Slideshow!”

  1. Awsome slide show. Can never get enough of pics of Rain. Can you tell me what fighting stand for? I think I know I just want to make sure I am correct.

    • Thanks Flower. I always love to read your comments. I saw it on one of his website. It was in regards to him staying strong against the Nietzen. I hope that helps…..

      P.S. My apologies for the delayed reply….:)

  2. WoW ~

    Good Job! ! Thank so much for sharing ^ ^

  3. Oooooooo! This has inspired me to make one for Kai/Daniel Henney! ^_^ Heehee

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