11.08.10[News]KBS TV “The Fugitive Plan B” Plot summary of EP.13

by kajima
10-11-08 KBS TV “The Fugitive Plan B” Plot summary of EP.13

13부 :: 11월 10일 수요일 밤 9시 55분.

진이는 도수에게 이 모든 배후가 양두희 회장임을 알린다. 도수는 여전히 경찰 수사를 통해 진실을 밝혀내리라는 희망을 버리지 않지만 오국장은 도수의 팀원 모두를 지방으로 발령내며 금괴 사건 은폐를 마무리하는 중이다. 단서를 놓친 지우와 진이의 조사는 다시금 벽에 부딪히고.. 양영준을 움직여 거래를 하려던 카이에게 황미진을 저격했던 양회장의 살인기계 ‘이박사’가 찾아오는데..

* 13부 방송은 예고편이 서비스 되지 않습니다. 이점 양해말씀 드립니다. *

The 13th episode :: On Wednesday, November 10th, at 9:55pm.

Jinny (Lee Na Young) lets ‘Do Soo’ (Lee Jung Jin) know that ‘Yang Du Hee’ (old man) must be behind all this.

‘Do Soo’ is still hopeful and is willing to reveal the full truth about this through the police investigation, but police director ‘O’ lets all members of the police detective team be transferred to the provinces and is finishing keeping a lid on the incident, so “Do Soo’ loses the scent and runs into a stone wall in his investigation about ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) and Jinny again.

‘Dr.Lee’, a cold blooded murderer, who has shot Mijin (Yun Son Ha) and follows ‘Yang Du Hee’s order, visits Kai (Daniel Henney) who tries to nudge ‘Yang Young Joon’ (‘Yang Du Hee’s son) into changing his mind and make secret deals with him.

* Please understand that the preview for the 13th episode is not provided *


Biref translation by rain bird.

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