11.08.10 [Tweet] Please boost the morale of Rain

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter:

요즘환절기라야밤에바람쐬구다니면 감기걸리삼~

Don’t be out in the cold night air for too long when the weather changes or you’ll catch a cold.~

‘Ji Hoon’ (Rain) is waiting for his scene. He now looks so poor.~~

He says he’s been in low spirits since he had a lot of lines to play yesterday.~~

So please boost the morale of Rain.~ He says he is dying for pork belly (Samgyupsal) ㅋ

http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.

~thanks also to kongsao for the info!



9 Comments to “11.08.10 [Tweet] Please boost the morale of Rain”

  1. How can we get a message to Rain to boost his spirits? Also, to tell him he need to take care of himself. He need to eat, rest regularly, and not worrry so much things will work out fine. That we support and believe in him.

  2. Yes, how do we get a message to Rain?

  3. I want to leave a message on the KBS english website too but the boxes or buttons are all written in Korean and I don’t understand the Korean characters so I don’t know how to register.

  4. @tjrachel & flower
    if u wanted to give rain messafe the actuall message he recive is here rain will get this message from us and reading when he have time this site is for all clouds sending rain message and great him everday !!
    1 click on the link here http://rain-cloud.co.kr/common/member/membertype.asp
    2 click singup
    3 fill all the infor
    4 make sure you put in nickname & ID name anddon”t forget to check the box
    make it say possible in both box then it will accept
    remeber when you login it will ask your nickname only !!
    5 paswword
    6 on your DOB u don”t have to give thenm the real one just make it up !!
    7 make your it yahoo,com emil or else not working no hotmail either
    8 fill all infor
    9 make sure u check the box on the bottom saying
    Do you agree? I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    then it should give u an AUTHORIZED #NUMBER
    10 check your email in your SPAM it should be their
    11 it should tell u the infor and your named on their keep that in mine for login everytime u wanted to messafe rain
    to me i noramally messafe rain as i am in US i sart mind at 12 noon in korean timezone
    so fell free to messafe anything ok!!
    HERE THE MESSAGE direct to rain

  5. Gaaa why can’t Bi go on Twitter more, everyone talks to him there..

  6. Kongsao, thanks a lot. Will try to access this. How’s Ji-hoon. Is he Okay now?

  7. @tjrachel
    rain is ok nothing seriou on him he just have a little cold i mean cold as the wearther out their only rain got a vitim drink from his suporting fans and he earting good he very enjoy with his staff i mean FUGIOTIVE crew ahahah rain dear took care ok !! i see u tonight and message u too

  8. thanks, kongsao…was so exhausted last night,didn’t see this…glad to know Ji-hoon is okay…

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