11.08.10 [popseoul] Lee Na-Young Is A Living Doll!

by jax625

The main actress of KBS’s drama ‘Fugitive Plan B’, Lee Nayoung, has a well-shaped body that keeps everyone talking about her.
Since her main partner in the drama, Rain also has a very well-built body, viewers named them the ‘couple with 8 proportioned body’. (FYI, Rain’s height is about 185cm while Lee Na-youngis 170cm tall).

Viewers even praised them stating:

“They walk like super models.”

“They make any street a fashion runway.”

At the movie premiere of ‘My Dad likes girls’ early this year, unlike other actress, Lee Na-youngonly wore flat shoes and caught everyone’s’ attention with her slim and beautiful bodyline.

She could change her career from an actress to a professional model someday in the future. What do you think about this?

Source: Nate


credit: roryg2008@popseoul

source: http://popseoul.com/2010/11/08/lee-na-young-is-a-living-doll


One Comment to “11.08.10 [popseoul] Lee Na-Young Is A Living Doll!”

  1. I think she is pretty and she has sex appeal. She is niicely built and has a mature youthful look about her. I think her and Rain make a very attractive couple. I love how they have them dressed in coordinating colors all the time. Just like a true couple might dress. I think they have great natural chemistry. They chose the right women to be his love interest. They are my favorite couple right now.

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