11.07.10 [Pic] Rain, filming the Fugitive.

by moonrogue

Credit: DC


One Comment to “11.07.10 [Pic] Rain, filming the Fugitive.”

  1. @jax
    my dear
    i”m serious here rain did fell good and healthy please !!
    anounce this to everbody we need to suport to rain !!

    요즘환절기라야밤에바람쐬구다니면 감기걸리삼~

    Don’t be out in the cold night air for too long when the weather changes or you’ll catch a cold.~
    Ji Hoon’ (Rain) is waiting for his scene. He now looks so poor.~~
    He says he’s been in low spirits since he had a lot of lines to play yesterday.~~
    So please boost the morale of Rain.~ He says he is dying for pork belly (Samgyupsal) ㅋ

    http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=

    Brief translation by rain bird.

    please took care why are u putting yourself like this i know u have such a hardworker person you alway try to give at your 110% best of your filming but what what about your health i am worry as matter i could bearth about this what
    can i do rain my adivice to took some relaxingg sleep and exceries too i know u are so hetic bussy fliming this FUGITIVE their anyway u can as your director for couples to relaxing please i know your amdire and terdure of your loyal of working but rain the virous of your health is more importan then anything i DO NOT WANT TO SEE U BREAKDOWN IN MIDDLE SHOOTING PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!

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